I have so many goals, wishes, hopes and dreams, too! Being a WAHM of 3 kids I feel that there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Sometimes I think I may never get any of my goals done. I know though that it’s all about commitment, determination and desire. I’ve decided to create a bucket list and write them here. Hopefully, I get to cross them off one by one.

Inspired  by the Dainty Mom’s “Life List“, I hope to inspire others such as myself to find the time to do the things you love and to continue to explore.


  1. Be debt free
  2. Get Life Insurance
  3. Start saving for each child and open accounts for them
  4. Start saving for when I’m old
  5. Continue to work on my blog, put more time into writing, and eventually earn a worthwhile income from it (In progress)
  6. Transfer my other blog, The WAHMom to WordPress and get a domain for it
  7. Take a Psychology course and graduate
  8. Take online courses and complete them
  9. Write a book or even just an ebook and have it published
  10. Write a screenplay and have it made
  11. Find time to read (grabbing 5 minutes here, sneaking 10 minutes there)
  12. Finish my scrapbooks and have 1 for each child and 1 for the whole family which I’ll keep adding onto through the years
  13. Make a video of Jael’s ninangs and ninongs messages
  14. Take graphic design and computer programming courses
  15. Lose at least 30lbs (In progress)
  16. Learn to forgive and forget (In progress)
  17. Bring the kids to Disneyland and visit Harry Potter!
  18. Watch a concert
  19. Learn photography
  20. Learn how to drive
  21. Learn how to shoot a gun
  22. Try skydiving
  23. Visit Italy particularly Rome, Tuscany, and Florence

There’s so much more which I will continue to add here as it comes to me. Enjoy life!


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