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Taking Care Of Antique Silver

Silver is a common semi-precious metal that many people have in their homes whether it is ornaments, jewellery, or even eating utensils, most homes will have something silver in them. Although the metal can be very hard wearing and durable, it can tarnish over time which leaves the metal looking dull and lacklustre. There are many polishes that you can purchase which will have your silver items looking like new again, but there are also many items that you may already have in your home that can be used to bring back the shine as well. You can read some of the methods that people around the world use on informative guides online, and below are some highlights along with our recommendations on how to care for antique silver. A Professional Cleaning Service If you have a lot of silver, or if you have silver jewellery that also includes gemstones, then one of the best ways to clean things such as silver antiques is to use the services of a professional company. When using chemicals to clean jewellery that has gemstones, some of the chemicals can affect the gemstones and leave them lacklustre and without their sparkle. A professional jeweller will be able to get any variety of silver product, whether it is sterling or silver plated, shining brightly in no time at all. You will also have the...

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5 Tips for Flossing Your Teeth Correctly

Did you know that, apart from brushing your teeth daily, you also need to floss just as regularly? The American Dental Association states that flossing helps to remove any food particles or plaque that is lodged between your teeth, where the toothbrush can’t reach. Any such debris left lodged between your teeth will eventually lead to a mouthful of cavities. That’s why flossing should be an integral part of your dental routine. Not only does it help to fight cavities, but it is also vital in the prevention of gum disease. While flossing is important to everyone’s dental health,...

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YouTube NextUp Returns to the Philippines

YouTube announces the launch of its NextUp contest in the Philippines to turbocharge the careers of local up-and-coming YouTube creators. Since its launch in 2011, NextUp has helped over 500 creators in more than 13 countries take their channels to the next level, giving them skills, mentorship, and a network to help them create compelling content. This year, YouTube NextUp is looking for creative and inspiring creators who will join a week-long creator camp at the next YouTube Pop-up Space Manila from September 7 to September 12 where they will learn production techniques from NextUp alumni and work closely...

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Five Laundry Tips for Clean, Fresh and Vibrant Clothes this Rainy Season

Doing laundry can be very tricky with rainfall becoming increasingly unpredictable. Nothing is more frustrating than washing piles of clothes only for them to turn out damp and smelly because of the gloomy weather. To keep your newly washed garments clean, fresh and vibrant this rainy season, follow these laundry tips from Electrolux. 1) Use dryers to avoid accumulating moisture A common dilemma in the rainy season is being unable to hang our clothes in the sun for drying. Oftentimes, we end up leaving them in the washing machine or hanging them in an area with little air and...

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Lazada Launches First Super Brand Day with M·A·C: National Lipstick Day on July 29

Lazada, Southeast Asia’s biggest online shopping destination is powering up the online retail experience with its very first Super Brand Day – a 24-hour shopping event wherein Lazada joins hands with one global brand to delight customers. For one day only, customers will discover the best of what the brand offers, which include exclusive themed gifts, limited edition products, premium packaging and even pocket events. M.A.C X Lazada Super Brand Day – Too many lipsticks? Never. One can never have enough lipsticks. Kicking off the Super Brand Day series is M·A·C, one of the world’s most iconic and fashion-forward...

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