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New Kiddie Meal Toy Set Lets Kids Race with Jollibee and Friends

This May, kids can have plenty of fun and an exhilarating playtime with their friends as they imagine being racers. Kids can speed around with Jollibee and Friends riding their Jolly Racers which come with every Jollibee Kiddie Meal. The Jolly Racers feature Jollibee, Hetty, Popo, Twirlie, and Yum behind the wheel of their colorful race cars. After designing their Jolly Racers with stickers, the kids can launch them into imaginary race tracks. They can also collect the entire fleet of race cars, connect them together, and launch all of them at once by pressing just one button. Build...

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Back to School Shopping and Other Worthy Causes at National Book Store

It’s Back to School time! Isn’t it funny how before the school year ends the kids are wanting school to end quicker and then right before school starts they can’t wait to get back? I guess that explains the excitement every time I tell them it’s time to take a trip to National Book Store for their school supplies. Every year I’m armed with my list for each kid, my mobile phone’s calculator and a dose of patience. Why patience? Well, the kids like to take their time picking each and every item examining it from the color to...

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Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Look After Their Teeth

As many people know, the healthy options in life are not typically the most enjoyable ones. Though there are a few exceptions, even getting adults who know better to take care of themselves can be a difficult task. And one of the most often overlooked issues is that of dental care. If it is that difficult to get adults to take care of their teeth, you can probably imagine (or have firsthand experience with) how difficult getting your young ones to look after their teeth is. However, there are a few things that can encourage kids and make it...

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A Guide to Buying a Summer House

Taking a leaf out of the US neighbours’ book, homeowners, particularly those in the UK, are turning to seasoned summer houses to furnish their gardens, which is a very cost effective way to increase living space, and if you are considering such an investment, there are many factors to consider. The actual construction of a summer house can vary greatly, as can the species of timber used, and in order to procure a summer house that will stand the test of time, look for Nordic Pine, which is very dense timber that is more than a match for the...

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Thai Cooking Class with Heritage Nuts at Thai Queen Arkipelago Makati

Being the non-adventure foodie that I am, I guess you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I haven’t had Thai food till now. I’m open to new experiences though and this one took me to an authentic Thai restaurant, Thai Queen in Arkipelago, Makati. Kianna and I were all set for an afternoon of cooking dishes that were real recipes used in the Royal Thai Palace. Chef Queenie Boloron brought her expertise and talent to the Philippines and set up shop where she also offers Thai cooking lessons. The Thai cooking class teaches you Thai culture, health the Thai way and...

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