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NANKID Parentology+ Advocacy for Children: Food, Physical Activity, Socialization

Having two teens and a 7 year old I’ve seen the vast differences when it comes to socialization and personal development. My teens have had the privilege of enjoying a childhood free of gadgets. They ran, played and used their time to read, watch “old” cartoons and just enjoy being a kid. My youngest, Jael was born into the digital world. He was exposed to gadgets early on and being the full time work at home mom that I am I’ve taken advantage of that so I could get the work done. It was a nice eye opener to...

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Reading English Tagalog Books by Hiyas OMF Literature

Reading and a love for books is strongly encouraged in our home. Though I know that it’s not for everyone I still like to encourage the kids to read when they can. Jael loves to read and has started a collection of his own having Goosebumps, Horrid Henry and The Magic School Bus books. Reading in English is a breeze for Jael but in Tagalog that’s a whole another story. He is gaining bit by bit and learning more words while trying to use it naturally in conversation. That’s why Hiyas OMF Literature books are such a treat because...

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3 Things to Look for in a Custom T-Shirt Company

Today, you can find a lot of custom apparel businesses wherever you go, whether online or in a local shop. Custom t-shirt printing is now a norm especially that people like to have the freedom to create their own designs. Schools, companies, and other establishments, also use custom printed t-shirts in order to promote their brands or events. Suffice it to say, this is the reason why there are a lot of custom t-shirt companies today but how do you choose the best one that can provide you with what you need? When deciding between several potential custom t-shirt...

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Explore Hidden Gems and Discover Hong Kong like a Local

In a city teeming with contrast, vibrance, and breathtaking sights to see, Hong Kong is all set to excite and welcome the family for a fun-filled adventure that will make 2018 one for the books! With a long list of places Asia’s World City has to offer, discover Hong Kong with a roundup of must-visit spots and timeless attractions enjoyable for each member of the family. Street Art The city has numerous street art that can help achieve that #goals family photo. Hong Kong houses murals created by dozens of local and international artists during art festivals which still...

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5 Reasons To Use Outlook this Year for your Business

Microsoft Outlook is a product of Microsoft Office. You can buy Outlook 2016 in Australia, the latest version, for your business at an affordable price and it will prove to be a worthy investment for your business. This is why:    Works well with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory. Outlook is the best to use if your business’ email server runs Microsoft Exchange. The two are very compatible and the pro is that the employees do not need to know a lot about IT to operate it. It works very easily; you just open Outlook on your computer, enter your...

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