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Monster High and My Daughter

Girls always form friendship groups patterned after the latest fashion. Usually you’ll find that groups are formed after the hottest girl bands, dolls, and cartoons. The latest group to hit the scene are the girls from Monster High. What’s unique about them are the fact that their parents are infamous horror legends. My daughter formed her own group and is now Cleo De Nile daughter of the Mummy. There also also off-springs of Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf, Zombie, and other horrific legends. Girl groups may change from character to character but they never go out of style. From Barbie to Bratz and now to Monster High these are characters that girls will always identify with. On a positive note these groups encourage honesty, friendliness, and most of the time they teach our children invaluable lessons they wouldn’t otherwise pick up. Such groups have a very impressionable impact on our budding daughters and it’s always important to ensure that they are aspiring to be and admiring the right role...

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Learning with Baby Einstein

A dear friend gave our youngest a Baby Einstein DVD. I’ve known about this particular learning product for quite some time but I hadn’t had the chance to use them on my older kids or introduce it to my newest one. Being a year old he has a very short attention span. He moves from one thing to the next. He doesn’t watch cartoons for long and only for about 2 minutes just for the credits. Ironically he does watch commercials and can watch one commercial after the other. I recall a study done on the unconscious impact of commercials but to see it in a child as young as this was surprising but that’s another topic. After a particularly exhausting morning I decided to play the Baby Einstein Neptune DVD he was given and to my surprise he was hooked from the start. He sat still for almost 30 minutes in awe.I decided to play it a second time and see what kept his attention. The music was playful yet in sync with the scenes being shown. It didn’t have a still moment and the colors of the toys were very bright and attractive. It featured the elements of water and this is what I’m guessing kept his attention because he loves to take a bath and play with water. Watching it carefully I realized that it was very simply...

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The Mad Rush for Twilight Breaking Dawn

Among the addictive books of late is the Twilight series. I’ve read all four books and though the movies have yet to compare they’re still an enjoyable watch. With the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 we can accept a world wide rush to watch the latest installment. Merchandise will be everywhere from shirts to soundtracks. You can even pre-order and get ahead of the pack. The love triangle is the biggest part of it’s popularity. The beautiful Bella has two men fighting for her love. Edward the brooding and gentle vampire versus Jacob the funny and loyal werewolf. Now that Jacob’s true love has been revealed there isn’t a need to choose between Team Edward or Jacob. It’ll be interesting to see how the movie will be promoted with the whole Kristen Stewart scandal. Hopefully it doesn’t affect the promotion of the movie. The 2nd installment looks to be an exciting one. If the book is to be followed with all the essential scenes then it’s sure to be a great...

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A Christmas Carol

You can feel it in the air and you can even smell it. What’s that you say? Why it’s Christmas time! One of my favorite Christmas movies that I still watch to this day is Mickey’s Christmas Carol. I would watch this every year and still do with my children today. It’s a good reminder of what and who we should appreciate. An especially important lesson to impart to our children. There have been many versions of A Christmas Carol and its fun  to see the different ways that the characters visits their past, present, and future self. You might wonder if you had to do it all over again would you have made different decisions? Some great Christmas Carol inspired picks are Scrooged, Disney’s A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey, and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Scrooged may be an old movie and not widely known but I grew up watching this every year and sometimes when it wasn’t even Christmas. I only recently watched Jim Carrey’s version. I wasn’t as attracted to watching it but my children were watching it one afternoon and I decided to join them. It’s actually a good take as well. Its’ more true to the story and possibly reminiscent of the original. I found the Ghosts of Girlfriends Past endearing. Matthew Mcconaughey was pretty funny. I loved him in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days....

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Zombie Girl

My daughter decided to be a Zombie girl this Halloween. Particularly the Zombie girl from the 1st episode of The Walking Dead Season One series. She was a frightening site as she walked through the parking lot. To be honest it was a last minute decision but we were able to make it work. The advantage to being a Zombie is that you can easily create a costume from old clothing and make-up. We got old pajamas, a teddy bear and Halloween make-up ready. Here’s a few tips to help you if you should decide on a Zombie costume. HOW TO CREATE YOUR ZOMBIE COSTUME Use white face paint as your base. Spread it evenly on the face going a bit into the neck and blend it in Use some black paint to create dark circles around the eyes giving her a sunken look. Put some streaks of red paint and then add some fake blood. Once it’s a little dry use some of the black paint on the red streaks to add an accent making it look like dried up blood from previous feedings. We added some streaks of blood to the top part of her pajama top. The teddy bear is a nice addition giving her an innocent but frightening...

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