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Imminent Zombie Attacks

For about the better half of a decade zombies have become a popular theme for movies and TV shows. They’ve been around since Night of the Living Dead but have regained their popularity with the age of video games. My son went through a Zombie phase and was interested in anything to do with zombies. He would research guides to surviving a zombie attack and watch zombie movies. The best zombie movie yet is 28 Weeks Later which was released in 2007. The Resident Evil series is another worthy watch although the first is the best so don’t expect much from the follow ups. The 4th season of The Walking Dead is coming up  in October and we can’t wait to watch it. Zombies are a big hit during Halloween and there’ll be even more zombie costumes on the streets. It’s a scary thought to think if zombies were to become a real epidemic. More than the blood hungry half dead monsters it’s the ruthlessness, hatred and the loss of law and order  that’s frightening. It makes you wonder to what lengths will a person go to survive and though it seems far fetched I’ve actually thought of coming up with a survival kit not only for zombie attacks but for natural disasters. It would also be helpful to create a plan if and when any kind of disaster should hit your...

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Oprah’s Book Club List

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts I LOVE to read. Usually anything I can get my hands on. My one current regret is not having enough time to read but I’ve decided to add to my bucket list Oprah’s Book Club recommendations. It’s a good place to start because I’ll have an already prepared list. I’ve read a few of the books on Oprah’s list but this was several years ago and I’m sure my take on it would be very different today. I was compelled to confront my own demons with White Oleander. It hit home which is what a really good book should do to you. I’ve also watched a couple of the movies but I’ve always preferred the books. I guess I owe it to the fact that not every pertinent fact in the book can be translated to the big screen and this can sometimes lose it’s impact. Unless you’ve read the book you’ll probably find a book to movie enjoyable fair. I did enjoy the Harry Potter movies though because they were able to retain the significance of the books despite the big chunks of story plots that were missing. Oprah has had some controversy with her book choices but nonetheless they still made a hefty profit just being featured.  Her list is quite extensive and has a pretty wide variety. There’s sure to...

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Wrapping your Mind around the Rubik’s Cube

Lately, my son has had his hand glued to a Rubik’s cube.  I’ve always encouraged my kids to play with educational toys and now I’m proud to share his latest achievement. It didn’t take him long to solve it. He was able to get all the pieces into their rightful place with a little help from the video tutorial below. As he solved the Rubik’s cube he found methods and techniques to practice and perfect. I’ve challenged him to do it blind folded and he’s practicing to solve it as fast as he can. Puzzles are a great intellect booster and helps achieve learning through...

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Personalized Books for Children

I’m an avid reader and have actively encouraged my children to read. I’ve been collecting books since I was 8 years old and have been able to keep them with me. My plan was to motivate my children to read and that way they could inherit my collection. My eldest has gotten my fondness of reading and I’m very proud and happy about that. He’s a wealth of information with did you know’s and fun facts. He loves to watch the Discovery channel (something he got from his dad). I’m hoping with our joint influences we’ll be able to get our youngest interested in books. I’ve begun reading to him and he already has a small collection. He frequently takes out his books, turns the pages and looks at the pictures. This is an important stage to get him keen on books. That’s why I love personalized books. Babies are always in awe of themselves. My baby has a mischievous little grin when he spots himself in the mirror. He loves to see his pictures and hopefully these types of books help create a steady interest in reading.  It takes a lot of patience and encouragement to stimulate that interest but when it’s there it’s worth pursuing. The rewards may not be seen right away but in time you’ll appreciate all the time and effort you put in....

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Children’s Gift for Any Day of the Year

I discovered Build a Bear as I was trying to find a unique children’s gift for my godson. Ordinarily you can buy a stuffed toy at any toy store but what’s special about this is you can customize the bear and add sounds and accessories. The bear even comes with a certificate. There are quite a lot of sounds to choose from. From roars to giggles to music, you can pick the sound you know your child will love. Outfits range from Girl Scount Brownie uniforms to tuxedos. They have expanded their range to include Hello Kitty dolls.They have Girl Scouts Bears and Friends Count that come in different colors and not just the traditional brown bear. The birth certificate comes with the bear’s name and an ID. The toy is registered with Build a Bear which makes him even more unique. They have expanded their selection and now you have more animal choices to dress up and...

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