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Halloween Games for Kids: Storybots Free!

If you’re looking for fun and free Halloween games for kids you have to check out A Storybots Halloween. Storybots has an array of apps for children to use for both fun and learning purposes. They have Starring You Books, Beep & Boop, ABC Videos, Tap & Sing and more. A Storybots Halloween app lets you create a Halloween themed video for free. All you have to do is cast the characters using pictures of the people that you want to see in the video. Once you have created the characters you have a choice to Auto Cast the...

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News Feed Apps

I can never get too much reading into my day. Despite a busy schedule, being a work at home mom to 2 homeschooling kids and a toddler, I try to find time to get bits and pieces of reading through my news feed apps. When it comes to reading I’ve found 6 free apps that I can get the latest, most varied content available. I normally read on my iPhone or on my Android tablet. Depending on what I’m using I have certain apps that I have on both or on one or the other. At times these apps...

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Dessert Treats: Wicked by Cravings at the Shangri-La Plaza

When I received an invitation to attend the formal opening of Wicked by Cravings I couldn’t resist. Cravings is a popular restaurant which has just celebrated it’s 25th year. The new dessert restaurant is located on the 5th floor of the newly constructed East Wing of the Shangri-La Plaza. Chef Christine Paredes and her team composed of Ton Albasin, RJ Bernabe and Mac Reyes are the minds, soul, heart and hands of these wickedly sinful, wickedly sexy and wickedly intoxicating desserts. Wicked is no ordinary dessert place. They have aimed to achieve a line of desserts reminiscent of lustful...

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Free Planners for Your Blog

When I fist started blogging I just wanted to write and write. As my writing came along I realized I needed to plan my posts and start organizing not only my thoughts but my methods of posting and sharing. I started looking for free planners to help me organize myself and I was happy to find plenty for me to use. I’ve decided to share my list of free and easy to download planners. There are various kinds of planners here from a full fledged planner to a one page planner. Have a look and choose what you would...

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The Walking Dead Season 4 and Society, Science, Survival Course

The time has finally come! I’m a big fan of this series and finally the Walking Dead Season 4 will be premiering on October 13 (US). Rick and the gang will be back for a fourth season in what looks to be an even more challenging, dreary and horrifying season yet. I also got an opportunity to enroll in a Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead course being conducted by University of California, Irvine through Canvas Network. It’s a course that will run from Oct 14, 2013 to Dec 21, 2013 and it’s totally free! The 8-week course will...

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