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No-Bake Cookies & Cream Bars

If there is one thing I don’t have a natural talent for it’s cooking. I’m married to someone who loves to cook and he’s from Pampanga, well known for its excellent and sumptuous dishes. Despite the lack of talent in this area I decided to try to make no-bake cookies and cream bars. I’m not that bad, I can cook rice, fry eggs and the like. The one dish I can cook that my children love is macaroni soup. It’s a comfort food of sorts especially on days when they’re sick. Other than that I leave the cooking to...

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Drinking Water Checklist

Water is the one of the most important necessities of life. Without it we would perish in a week depending on the climate. I created a drinking water checklist because I’m one of those people that forget to drink water. I can literally go a day without drinking water. However, that will lead to major illnesses down the line. In fact, I had my gallbladder removed and one of the reasons was that my body lacked the water intake it needed. I’ve come across apps that were supposed to help remind me when to drink but it never really...

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Paint Colors: Our Picks

We have slowly been making improvements on our home and what started us off was paint colors! My husband and I were discussing how we would one day improve our home. He suggested we check out paint colors and we went from there. Our once all white home is now a colorful abode. We’ve also started clearing out the unneeded and unwanted items. I’m so elated with our changes so far and I’m really happy about being able to put home renovation on my wishlist as in progress. We chose blue for our bedroom and bathroom, yellow for our...

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All You Can Eat- Affordable Buffets

We love to eat! We haven’t got the money to eat out all the time but we try out affordable restaurants and especially all you can eat restaurants. I consider buffets under Php1,000 to be affordable. There are very expensive buffets usually at hotels that can go for as high as Php2,500 per person! I’ve compiled a list of those we have tried and those we plan on trying and have gotten great reviews from friends and family. Yakimix Yakimix serves a variety of food from Korean to Chinese to Japanese dishes. Its special feature is the fact that...

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SMAC Deal: Baby Clean Hand Wash

I don’t think you can ever get enough of hand wash. When I saw the Baby Clean Hand Wash deal at just Php250.00 (worth Php500.00) I had to grab it. Each bottle is priced at Php59.75 so at that I got 9 bottles and only had to pay an excess of Php37.75. A bottle usually lasts us 1 month so we’ll be having a stock of hand wash for quite a few months. We had a choice of Blue, Tea Tree and Lavender which I ended up getting 3 of each. It was too bad I missed the Baby Wipes deal. Hopefully they’ll have another run...

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