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Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloween: Tis the Season to Trick or Treat! Halloween comes only once a year and it’s one of the most celebrated holidays around. I love Halloween especially trick or treating. As a child I would roam the neighborhood asking for treats and going back round again just to be among the ghosts, ghouls and other wonderful characters. Having 3 children makes Halloween a fun experience. Although I don’t do the trick or treating I do accompany my kids and have fun all the same. With my two eldest being in their early teens trick or treating has lessened. So when I had my youngest I was very excited at the prospect of going trick or treating once again. I’ve found so many adorable costumes that it’s hard to decide. The top features that I look for in a baby costume are easy snap closures and skid resistant booties. Important things to consider when purchasing a costume for babies and toddlers. This year there are a great many choices for kids halloween costumes. With the  release of The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman and Batman The Dark Knight Rises you can expect a lot of superhero costumes. Hulk seems to be a popular choice from The Avengers while a more beefed up Spiderman is also a favorite. Monster High has been a big  hit of late and the newest costume to come out is Abbey Bominable. Girls...

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Memories of Carrot Cake

I have memories of a Carrot Cake that my mom used to bake. My brother and I always came home to a house with home made snacks ready. Cakes, cookies, cupcakes you name it.  Being the kids we were we hurriedly ate our treats and sped out the door for an afternoon of play. As an adult you realize how good these snacks were and how great it was to come home to homemade cooking.  If it weren’t for my husband I don’t think I would get to eat delicious home cooking. That’s the one area in motherhood that I’m not fond of. Halloween is coming up and there are a ton of treats that I’m looking forward to. It’s one of the days of the year that I let myself eat as much as I like. I join my kids on their trick and treat haunts and get my fair share....

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What it Takes to be a Mom

Motherhood is easy to get into but hard to follow through. It takes dedication, patience and love. Along the way you pick up many tips and tricks and have the best memories that you’ll ever have. I’d love to share some experiences and cool things I find along the way. It takes a lot of hard work and more often than not the satisfaction is purely your own. There is no monetary gain or fame and fortune. What you get is a life of love, trials, mistakes and happiness all mixed up into one great big formula of what I call motherhood.  I hope you have an enjoyable read as you pass through my blog and pick up some useful things to bring with...

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