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Recommended Movies to Watch for Homeschooling

We have been homeschooling for a couple of months now and it being our first year we all definitely need a break. I’ve decided to take a week off from our homeschool schedule to give myself and the kids a breather. They have been a bit overwhelmed with the subjects we’ve covered and I’ve been so jam-packed between being a work at home mom and homeschooling. Though it will be a week off for the kids and I, I still wanted us to do something that they can still learn from yet provide us with the break that we...

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Homeschool Discount Sites

As much as possible I try to collect free resources but there are some great homeschool discount sites that offer good deals on full curriculum and bundle sets. Here are a few that you might get some great homeschooling materials from. I’ll continue to add to this list as I come across useful homeschool discount sites. Educents  Great deals on bundles, manipulatives, curriculum, subscriptions, activity kits and more. Be sure to check their website for their latest discount products. ABC Mouse ABC Mouse has a full online curriculum for Preschool through Kindergarten. You can try it for free for...

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Free Worksheets for Homeschooling

I’ve found that worksheets give the children a semblance of attending school like they used to. I started homeschooling my children in middle school and they have gotten used to how “regular” schooling is. As much as possible I try to find free worksheets for homeschooling that have Answer Keys and are plenty in content. Here are some sites that offer free worksheets for homeschooling that you can download. Teachers pay Teachers (K-12) All subjects (K-12) All subjects Have Fun Teaching (K-12) All subjects EZ School (K-12) All subjects BBC (K-12) All subjects School Express All subjects cK-12 (K-12) All subejcts Worksheets are integrated in each lesson plan...

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The Last Bully: A Book on Bullying

Reading is a very important part of our life. I’ve been reading since forever and I wanted my children to enjoy the same rapture, excitement, sadness and adventure I felt when I was reading so naturally when my youngest son was born I wanted to develop his reading skills as early as possible. Hugo the Happy Starfish: The Last Bully is a good example of a book that can help develop characteristics like respect. Bullying is a very important issue that should be covered no matter what the age. My son thoroughly enjoyed this book and wanted to read...

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Free Virtual Museums and Field Trips

Field trips are one of the things that my children look forward to. Since we started homeschooling they won’t be able to experience that but there are ways around it. Obviously we can go on field trips as a family but it can be quite costly and there are limited places to visit. An inexpensive alternative is going to virtual museums and field trips. These require no cost except for your internet use and time. Here are some virtual museums and field trips that I found for us to use. I concentrated on those that provided an actual tour experience...

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