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Enjoy Philippines: Fish & Co

One of the perks of attending Blogapalooza 2013 was my win at the Enjoy Philippines booth. I got a Fish & Co. gift certificate worth Php1,000.00. It was on a Sunday morning when we went to their Trinoma branch for brunch. It was a rare treat for us and a new experience as we all hadn’t tried this restaurant yet. It was very homey and only a couple of people were dining at the time. They had excellent menu choices some of which were our favorites. Since Fish & Co is known to be the best fish and chips in...

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Canva : A Simple Way to Design Christmas Cards and more

I’ve had the pleasure of using Canva, a simple online design platform to create some holiday cards for my family. I enjoyed making my Christmas cards so much I ended up making 6 cards  in one sitting. Traditional Christmas card sending through the mail seems like a thing of the past. For the youth of today they won’t know the joy of receiving a card, checking out the stamp and opening the envelope to see a card chosen especially for you. Canva has however, made a try at recreating this by providing cards that can be sent through your...

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Star City Surf Dance

I’ve pretty much given up on riding any kind of ride that would make my head spin and my food take a reverse route. I had a pretty traumatic experience riding a ride that left me shaken and nauseous at the now defunct Global Fun. My children however, enjoy a good ride. We went to Star City with my husband’s clan and all the nieces and nephews (including my 2 eldest) lined up for the Surf Dance ride. The Surf Dance is a gondola ride that is about the height of a five-storey building. The 44-seat ride swings upwards, downwards,...

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Nestle Temptations: Dutch Speculoos Ice Cream

One of my most favorite foods is ice cream. I used to eat at least a gallon a week (all together and NOT in one sitting!). Lately though, I haven’t been going on an ice cream binge except for the occasional McDonalds ice cream. When I saw the Nestle Temptations: Dutch Speculoos ice cream though I just had to try it. We’ve been into the Cookie Butter craze and this was a must try for my family. The Nestle Temptations line offers ice cream inspired from countries such as France, Belgium and Italy which come in 800ml cups. Now they’ve added to the list with Dutch Speculoos from the Netherlands. The Dutch Speculoos has cookie butter ripples and cookie chunks. I’m known for my very sweet tooth but unfortunately, I thought this was just a tad too sweet. My children also found it very sweet. I find the McDonalds Cookie Butter McFlurry to be better. Although, still very enjoyable and has the right cookie butter taste it was just a bit overwhelming. I did like the amount of ripples and chunks though. Try it out now and enjoy a new treat from Nestle...

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Cuarto Atbp Room and Linen Spray, Scented Oils, Etc

I’ve been looking for a gift for my boss and his wife this Christmas and I had a bit of a hard time deciding what to get them. On my first year of employment I had gotten them a candle. For my second year, I got them a picture frame with a collage of their pictures. This year, I was thinking of getting them a compilation of Filipino Christmas songs but I changed my mind at the last minute. It didn’t seem like the right gift. I’d rather give something they would actually use and enjoy. Although a compilation...

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