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RCBC Advocates Bank Consumer Protection with Latest Online Campaign

As today’s banking consumers shift to digital, RCBC wants Filipinos to make wise and careful choices in their transactions. While going online makes everyday activities easier and convenient, it also exposes accounts to risks which is why it is always important to take precautions to protect one’s personal information. To remind everyone to be proactive in securing their bank accounts, the Yuchengco-led bank introduces a team of safety-savvy individuals, The Unstealables, to show the importance of keeping financial data secure both online and offline. With this unique trio, RCBC highlights the responsibility it shares with clients in keeping the...

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Can You be a Sexy Momma? A Boudoir Shoot for Moms

The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard about an opportunity to do a boudoir shoot is “What will my kids think?” At my age (39 as of this posting) I thought it was the perfect time to just do something I wouldn’t normally do. A boudoir shoot was definitely an idea I wouldn’t have entertained but I’ve been separated 2 years now and have come into my own that I’m proud to embrace the woman I’ve become. Probably, young, perky women would be the best subjects for a photoshoot like this BUT a mom’s body should...

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HIV Awareness Must be Made More Understandable for Young Adults

Only 15 percent of young adults aged 15 to 24 years old have knowledge about HIV prevention, a UNAIDS Philippines study showed. The lack of an extensive sex education in the curriculum is seen as a contributing factor—directly or indirectly—to the country’s high HIV growth rate. Discussions on the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV have always been done in extremes – either it is too technical and clinical or it is peppered with myths and falsehoods – creating a large disconnect with young adults, the audience who matter the most. “We believe that education is the best way to...

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Jollibee Brings Everyone’s Favorites Closer to all During All Saints and All Souls Day

This All Saints Day and All Souls Day, millions of Filipinos will again make their way to memorial parks and cemeteries to light candles, and offer flowers and prayers for their dearly departed family members. For many of us, it’s also a time well spent with relatives as we share fondest memories of loved ones who have passed on over stories and food. This year, the country’s leading fast-food chain makes this important season of remembering our loved ones more convenient and extra special for Filipinos by bringing its well-loved meals closer to wherever they may be, anytime of...

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ZOOMOOV features Paw Patrol Kiddie Rides

We had a low key Halloween this year. Jael and I didn’t venture into any trick or treating activities but we did take advantage of the FREE TREATS at ZOOMOOV at their SM Novaliches branch. Jael loves riding the kiddie rides and ZOOMOOV features the awesome Paw Patrol gang. All kids had to do to get the free treats was to come in their Halloween costume. All year Jael had been wanting to be a ninja and he got his wish on his his birthday when we gave him a ninja costume. So he suited up and we headed...

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