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Kidzooona Fairview Terraces: Play House in Quezon City

Jael has been at me to bring him to a play house. When we do make it to the play house I have to busy myself somehow while Jael explores and tires himself out. Most play houses we’ve gone to there’s barely a place for parents so you end up standing or walking in the very near vicinity just to pass the time. That’s why I’m more than glad to share and recommend Kidzooona Fairview Terraces. Kidzooona is more than equipped to handle your child’s play needs and take care of you while you wait. To start off they have...

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Printing Tips and Hacks with the Canon Pixma E410

We had a bit of a panic this morning before the kids went to school. Like I shared previously, mornings can be stressful especially when there are printing emergencies. This time, Kianna woke up to find that she had to layout and print several school certificates. Imagine the scene: Kianna at the printer, the school service honking and us living on the 5th floor. It was just one of those mornings, I guess. It had me thinking there are better ways to deal with printing situations so I’m sharing printing tips and hacks that’ll hopefully continue to save my day...

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Sanicare Hygiene Circle Event and First Brand Ambassador

Being a mom can be tough, between balancing work, household and all my kids needs I could use a little help! Sanicare, a familiar home brand, gathered mom bloggers to learn and talk about cleanliness and hygiene for their families. I was lucky to be one of those mommy bloggers who discovered more about their full range of products. The intimate event started with us visiting 3 stations focused on Kitchen, Personal and Baby set ups. First off was the Baby Care station where lifestyle blogger, Sarah Tirona discussed hacks and hygiene tips focusing on products geared towards babies...

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Few Days Left to Score Fresh Deals at Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival

Robinsons Supermarket Freshtival is coming to a close, but shoppers still have a few days to score a wide array of fresh items that are conveniently available and easily affordable. Take advantage of the special promos and deals while you can. Mark your calendars   Now on its 4th year, Freshtival continues to further promote the supermarket’s fresh section products by also giving shoppers exciting discounts, freebies, and special offers in July. Every Monday, shoppers can buy a kilo of Supersavers Pork Barbeque to get an additional half a kilo free. They can also get P10 discounts on every...

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Easy Peeling with the Tupperware Click Series Set

A fully stocked kitchen needs reliable and durable utensils and equipment. I’m sure you’ve experienced those moments where you’re prepping your ingredients and your can opener or peeler breaks on you. One piece of kitchen equipment to consider is the peeler which seems like an insignificant item but is much needed. I think I’ve been through at least 5 peelers in the past 17 years. Introducing the Tupperware Click Series Set, a peeler with an ergonomic handle and one touch release button and three interchangeable heads that come in a storage box. There are 3 heads: 1. Wide head-  an 8cm...

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