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Makeup Workshop by The Beauty Avenue by Mhaan at Hotel Benilde

I FINALLY know what to do so I can have a nicely made up face without taking too much time or spending too much money. This is all because of a fun and easy makeup workshop I attended by The Beauty Avenue by Mhaan. Yes, that’s the same one who did Kianna’s makeup for her prom. It was an intimate gathering of mommy blogger friends at Hotel Benilde in one of their dormitory rooms but most importantly a whole wall was available with natural lighting for us to be able to work on our faces properly. I think I...

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4 Tips to Stay Healthy as a Busy Mom

A busy mom often puts her own health on the back burner to prioritize the health of her children. While this might seem selfless, it could actually rob your kids of the chance to enjoy the upbeat, energized mom you could be if you focused more on your own wellness. Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to mean taking a week long yoga retreat or escaping to the spa every Saturday (although those sound fantastic if you can swing them). You can take care of yourself without rearranging your schedule by incorporating these quick fixes for a healthier lifestyle....

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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Penthouse

A penthouse is a charming apartment located on top of a block or building. The standard features of penthouse apartment are a roof garden, terrace or an expansion to the balcony. Due to all that penthouses offer, it’s gaining popularity among most homeowner and helping you in deciding if the penthouse is worth splashing your money on, there are essential things that you need to give attention. What are the things you need to know before buying a penthouse? Choose a good estate agent to work with Because penthouses are scarce, that makes them sell quickly than most other...

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Jollibee Upgrades In-Store Experience and Introduces First Self-Ordering Kiosks

Now, ordering langhap-sarap meals at Jollibee just got simpler and easier as the well-loved fast-food brand introduces a new touch-to-order system through self-service kiosks at the Jollibee Strata 2000 outlet along Emerald Avenue in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The first-of-its-kind self-ordering kiosks have a touch screen display and a user-friendly interface to let customers experience a more convenient way to order and pay. Jollibee is the country’s first quick-service restaurant to use this innovative technology to enhance the customer’s ordering experience. With the self-ordering kiosk, food lovers can skip the lines and get their favorite langhap-sarap meals in three...

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Rain or Shine: Robinsons Supermarket 11th Buddy Run at Camp Aguinaldo

Going on my 3rd year of attending the Robinsons Supermarket Buddy Run, this was the year that I had planned to finally run instead of just cover the event. A fun run like this is perfectly in keeping with my continued fitness journey and I wanted to accomplish a 5k run and hopefully in the future a 10k run as well. It seems that God had a different plan for the 11th Buddy Run held at Camp Aguinaldo though. Instead we were blessed and showered with rain, generosity, camaraderie and appreciation. The rain made it so that we weren’t competitors...

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