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Kris Aquino: Rising Above Negative Stains

Society often places great demands on women, expecting them to live up to standards that are often not asked of men. Our community is often harsh on those women who fail to live up to expectations – “kababaeng tao”, accusers would say, as they are judged, or even ridiculed or bashed in social media, for breaking traditional expectations. If there’s one person who has been rising above negative stains it’s Kris Aquino. As the country observes National Women’s Month on March 2018, Ariel #AhonPinay joins in to celebrate progressive women — especially those who have been stained by controversies,...

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What You Need for a Fitter Body Fitter You

It came late in my life the realization that a fitter body equals to a fitter you. I have to admit that I may have let myself go and started to care less about my appearance because I was still in that safety net of marriage. However, that all change when I separated from my husband and started living for my kids and myself. I started to take more care of myself and noticed that there was much to improve on. Now, this change has become a lifestyle change and has led me to a fitter body and ultimately...

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5 Tips to Decreasing your Business Expenses this Year

A business’ success is not defined by the profit it makes monthly but by its growth in the market per year. In order to make progress one should monitor closely the expenses used in the course of production. Maximizing your profits from sales can take a lot of time and requires planning diligently and being patient. However, you can maximize your profits by reducing the expenses used within a year. Below are some of the tips for decreasing your business expenses this year: Relocate your office or company to a cheaper and convenient location. The rent paid for an...

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Drink Healthy with Absolute Distilled Drinking Water

Sometimes we take things as basic as drinking water for granted. It’s such a mom thing to say when you go on about how other people in the world don’t have water to drink blah blah blah but you know what? It’s only when you become a mom and have a child to raise that you realize just how important these essentials are. Another thing we take for granted is the kind of water we drink. It’s something I don’t give much thought to myself but I learned that drinking bottled water doesn’t necessarily mean that you drink healthy...

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How to Structure an Expository Essay

Expository essays contain no personal reflection and don’t come in a form of discussion. Here’s how to ‘expose’ the information properly using the tips below. Expository Essay: Definition and Tips Are you wondering what aspects to highlight in your expository essay? It is critical that a person writing an expository essay provides no references to personal feelings or opinions regarding a discussed topic. Thus, when attempting to do the assignment by your own efforts it is essential that you follow the above principle strictly. Definition of Expository Essay Expository essay is the form of writing, which seeks to expose...

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