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Baby & Family Expo Blog Awards

In appreciation of the support that the Baby Expo Philippines has been receiving from fellow mommy bloggers such as myself, a Blog Awards will be held to recognize the efforts and writing talent of all those who blog about the Baby Expo. This is a great way to further encourage families to join the baby expo and is also beneficial to bloggers such as myself because we are given an opportunity to highlight our blogs. Eligibility for the blog awards is as follows. To be eligible, a blog must have posted consistently and frequently before and during the Baby & Family...

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Nickelodeon Takotown Halloween 2013

Our Halloween this year was spent at SMX to attend the Nickelodeon Takotown Halloween Event. My son, Bastian had won 4 tickets to attend the Halloween festivities. We arrived at about 2:30 pm and quite a long line had already been formed. Upon entering you have a choice of going through the haunted house or heading straight towards the booths. Bastian had gone to line up for the haunted house while Jael and I checked out the happenings on the main floor. There were about 8 booths set up including ACE Water, Appebon Kid, Lipps, Kinder Joy, Lotte Koala’s...

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Spam Maki

You may have read in some of my posts that I’m not much of a cook. I can cook rice, fried eggs, fried hot dogs basically anything that needs frying. My only specialty is macaroni soup and macaroni and cheese which I just recently learned how to do. It turns out it’s very easy to make and you can cook it without using a microwave! Recipe for another post. What I’ll be sharing with you today is how to make Spam Maki. A good friend shared her recipe and it has been a household favorite. We have it at...

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TMA Homeschool Orientation

We have been doing the independent homeschool method but in the near future we are hoping to be affiliated with TMA (The Master’s Academy). I brought my children along to the homeschool orientation so they can also be aware and be better informed of the plans we have for them. My children are 13,12 and 3. My son, 13 years old and my daughter, 12 years old have gone to a conventional school since they were 5 so homeschooling was quite a new concept and one they are continuing to accept. I can’t say 100% that we tried homeschooling...

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Da Vinci The Genius at The Mind Museum

We finally got around to using our vouchers for the Da Vinci exhibit at the Mind Museum. After the TMA Homeschool Orientation and the Baby Expo Philippines 2013 press conference we were looking forward to some fun. Upon entering we immediately headed towards the inventions on display. I took a picture of every single item and have shared some of the photos I took of the exhibit. My son Bastian is in love with Science and Literature and thoroughly enjoyed the museum. He looked over every piece and read the descriptions. There are some parts of the exhibit that...

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