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Co-Sleeping: The Myths and Facts

Many new parents take extra steps to ensure that what they are doing for their baby is safe or smart. One of the most common concerns among parents is whether or not co-sleeping is a good idea. There are many mixed opinions on this subject all over the internet, leaving parents unsure of what to believe. Co-sleeping has become a popular parenting practice in order to increase the bond between the baby and the parents. However, many pediatricians report that you should not co-sleep due to increased risks of SIDS. However, many of the concerns also depend on how...

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Creative Play in a Box with Olis Boxship

It used to be that kids would create something from nothing. It was a time when there were no gadgets so kids were made to think outside the box and actually use their creativity and imagination. Today, kids are usually armed with gadget in hand which usually already provide scenarios, steps, and creative options. I have to say, sadly this generation’s kids will most likely be a lazy one, creativity wise. It’s not all the kids’ fault I guess because gadgets make a parent’s life easier as well. I don’t claim any innocence but I do encourage play, creative...

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Downward Spiral of Discontentment, Disappointment and Loneliness

For the past month I’ve been on a downward spiral of discontentment, disappointment and loneliness. My life right now, at this very minute is all about working to provide for my three kids. 75% of the pie goes to that. Just that. The rest is left for my blogging and my fitness journey. Even then it takes alot of my time and effort to do it. It’s just tiring to be the sole provider. I didn’t ask for this but these are the cards that I’ve been dealt. I don’t wallow. I don’t complain (much) but I feel really down. I’m feeling extremely down and maybe because everyday that passes I feel more and more lonely. Can you believe it’s been almost 2 years that I haven’t had any intimacy, any physical interaction whatsoever. Why am I not telling friends? Why am I writing it here? Honestly? I’ve verbalized how lonely I am but the instant answer to anyone I’ve told is “Enjoy being single.” “Isn’t it too soon to want anything like that?” So I find myself here writing what I feel and somehow feeling like I’ve released some of my sadness, stress and frustration. I guess what people don’t understand is that I was lonely way before I ended my marriage. Being married or with someone doesn’t mean you don’t feel lonely. In fact, in my case...

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Perfect Window Treatments for Beach Homes

You have a home in what most would consider to be the perfect location. You’ll be overlooking the vast serene waters and watching epic sunrises from your window. However, a good question to ask is how are your window treatments looking? For such a special location, you want to make sure you’ve done all you can so everything’s up to par. Let’s discuss which treatments might work best in your beach house. This way you can create the right look from outside and the right ambiance from within your home. If you need some guidance about the range of...

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A Guide To Laser Treatments: Ablative vs. Non-Ablative Lasers

Plastic surgeons have used resurfacing lasers for years to combat wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, age spots and other skin conditions. With so many options available it’s hard to decide which method is best for you. You should focus on your skin goals instead of brand names. The time of the year plays an important factor when it comes to having a laser procedure. When your skin is laser-treated it becomes hypersensitive to sun exposure. You should consider having your treatment done during the fall or winter months. It is important to apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin...

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