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Celebrate Wellness All Month with Robinsons Supermarket and a Sporty Weekend Event with the Kids

It’s a continuing celebration of wellness this August! All month, Robinsons Supermarket will continue to promote a healthy and active lifestyle something I’ve also been trying to do myself. The boys and I enjoyed a sporty weekend filled with activities and games. Come celebrate wellness with me at your nearest Robinsons Supermarket! The kick off event for Celebrate Wellness was at the Eastwood Mall and was hosted by TV personality Kuya Tonipet Gaba. Families were treated to an afternoon program featuring a taekwondo demo, basketball shootout, soccer game, wellness arm wrestling, hygiene talk, and Milo Champ Dance Moves activity. Celebrities Robi...

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Birthday Musings and the Winners of My Birthday Giveaways!

This year has been more blessed than recent years. It may be because of the opportunities that I’ve had so far that have made me able to sustain our family of 4. It’s also the good health that my kids and I have. Mostly, it’s for the strength, friendship and love that I have from my family and friends. My birthday musings for this year will be short and sweet. Though it may not seem like it I am a struggling single mom of 3 kids. Every step made is with the goal that I maintain my family’s lifestyle...

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Catch Coke Studio Philippines featuring Pinoy Music on TV5

Pinoy music is alive and well at Coke Studio on TV5. Coca Cola Philippines has partnered with TV network TV5 to bring local talents to the small screen. The weekly TV show will feature some of the best in the industry such as Franco, Abra, Reese Lansangan and more. Catch a new episode every Saturday at 7pm. You can also catch watch episodes on YouTube at Apart from live performances you’ll also get to watch rehearsals, behind the scenes segments, Q&As and special interviews. Coke Studio officially launched with a gathering of popular OPM artists at SMX Convention center...

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Super 8 Grocery 11th Anniversary Shopping Challenge

Super 8 celebrates 11 years of offering low wholesale prices with events and promos that their loyal customers will love. Grocery shopping is not only therapeutic, it’s necessary. For those seeking a grocery that offers the best prices and the most deals I believe Super 8 can give you just that. The grocery warehouse is most ideal for people with sari sari stores and the like. I took on the Super 8 Grocery 11th Anniversary shopping challenge and it was fun and tiring! The celebration of 11 years in retail trading benefits plenty of shoppers as Super 8 offers...

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Cebu Pacific Juan for Fun Backpacking Challenge Winners for 2017!

Have I said travel has been one of my goals and desires this year? Yes, I think I’ve mentioned it more than a few times! It was so much fun watching the adventures of the teams that joined the Cebu Pacific Juan For Fun Backpacking Challenge. In their own created videos they gave us a taste of what they experienced and I was left breathless for the most part. Three graduating college students from Davao City won the Juan For Fun (JFF) 2017 Backpacking Challenge, each taking home a Cebu Pacific Travel All-You-Can pass for unlimited local and international...

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