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How Mang Inasal Satisfies Filipino Eating Quirks

There is no denying that the Filipino’s have an undying love for food. Our fiesta-driven culture is full of celebrations marked by the partaking of food. In fact, Filipinos have made it a point to find almost every reason to eat. Interestingly, food-loving Pinoys have developed quirky eating habits – from their generous use of condiments to their shameless use of hands during boodle fights. Mang Inasal, the home of the 2-in-1 sa laki, nuot sa ihaw sarap chicken inasal, has not only  captured the taste of Pinoy comfort foods. It has also encouraged a dining experience where everyone...

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Delgado Clinic Launches Optimal Birth Outcome Program to Promote Healthy Pregnancy

Dr. Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital, more popularly known as the Delgado Clinic, has been championing mother care for 70 years with a record of more than a hundred thousand babies being delivered to date. From normal births to high-risk complications, the Delgado Clinic has taken an extra measure of love and personalized care as all mothers do to make sure their child not only lives, but flourishes with a healthy pregnancy. True to its legacy, the Delgado Clinic introduces the Optimal Birth Outcome (OBO) program, a free three-day workshop that serves as the ultimate care, support and education system...

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Top 4 Products to Help with Hair Loss in 2018

We all hate hair loss! It changes one’s appearance in a manner that can easily hurt their self-esteem. Luckily, it’s reversible. All one has to do is make use of a good hair loss product. Unfortunately, this industry like every other industry out there has been invaded by counterfeits and outright scams. There are many products out there that are all hyped about hair regrowth but will never achieve that goal. You need quality, tried and tested products for you to achieve hair regrowth.  To help you out with this, here are the top 4 products that can help...

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Best Places to Travel Solo in Tuscany

To travel solo needs more careful preparation and planning. It sure can be a daunting prospect for a woman traveler. One will need to consider a lot of the loneliness of traveling alone or the difficulties of a foreign language. Tuscany makes for an excellent destination for solo travelers. The best thing about Tuscany is that it caters to all kinds of travelers no matter what budget and preferences. One could spend hundreds on a luxury villa or get a very affordable option when they rent a villa in Tuscany. You can do all that you want, and this...

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Managing Your Child’s Digital Use with the Kidslox Parental Control App

How many of you rely on gadgets to keep your child occupied from time to time? My hand is raised. The convenience and the time we get to be able to do things that we need to get done makes it so that we allow our kids to use gadgets more and more. To help us minimize use and filter the content they come across there’s a parental control app such as Kidslox. Kidslox has many usable features. When I first set it up though I have to admit I was confused. The app will be installed on the...

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