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Nips Pop Fest is Back! Get a Chance to Win Php100,000.00 and a Special Feature on Myx!

Bring out your creative side and showcase your talent in a fun and rewarding way in this year’s Jack ‘n Jill Nips Pop Fest. Let your imagination run wild and come up with a fun and unique music video for the new Nips jingle. You might just be the winner of Php100,000.00, and have your video featured on Myx, the #1 music channel in the Philippines. To join, download the Nips jingle and lyrics on the MYX microsite,; and create an original 2-minute music video. Participants must upload their entry on either YouTube or Vimeo, and upload the...

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Home Credit and OPPO Team Up for Another Offering: OPPO A71

Prague-based Fintech company Home Credit and OPPO, the Philippines’ Top 2 international smartphone brand, are partnering once again to offer the new OPPO A71 smartphone at 0% interest installments even without a credit card. With its already affordable price tag of P8,990, the new OPPO A71 can be availed by budget-savvy shoppers for only P927 per month at 6 months, with a 40% downpayment. The promo runs until January 31, 2018 and offered in leading partner outlets throughout the country. Customers only need to present at least two valid IDs to apply, right inside the store, and can get...

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Appreciate the Difference in the New NESCAFÉ Gold Collection

People who have earned their success know what they want. They work as hard as they play and have developed a keen sense for things they deserve – and they deserve to enjoy nothing short of excellence. Offering the signature smooth tastes and enticing aromas skillfully fashioned by NESCAFÉ’s coffee masters, the NESCAFÉ Gold Collection introduces itself as the new icon of premium quality coffee. Indulge in a deluxe blend of the finest, handpicked Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, perfectly roasted, finely ground, combined with exquisite milk, and layered with a rich, velvety café froth. Choose from three delicious...

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4 Ways to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

There has been a lot of diet trends and activities here and there just to lose weight. Some consider working out, undergoing fad diets and surgeries, sports, and even starving themselves so they can lose unwanted fats. I’ll be sharing 4 ways to lose weight that you can explore. However, some people just have a hard time working on their weight. When you’ve already tried so many ways, this might be the time to consider Ketosis. The Ketogenic diet was created as an effective treatment for epileptic children but soon after, more and more people learned of its benefits...

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Parenting Realities: Talking about Drinking and Sex with your Teens

If there’s a list of uncomfortable topics this will definitely be on it. Drinking and sex are not hard topics to talk about BUT they become hard when you discuss it with your kids. These parenting realities are often discussed but in a manner of not allowing it to happen. My kids are in their teens, 17 and 16. A rough age from what I can remember. Then again “my” teens is a whole ‘nother story! I guess you can say that my experiences really shaped the paths that I wanted to guide my children on. I focused on...

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