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The Newest Riding App Hype Transport System

Riding apps have made our lives so much more comfortable and convenient hasn’t it? For awhile there, it was going pretty good until the market was monopolized by one riding service. Personally, I found it rough going with the higher rates and loss of promos. Do you guys agree? The newest riding app Hype had its first HYPE FEST event as a kick off to the riding app service. One of the newest all Filipino transport network companies (TNC) recently held its first ever HYPE FEST, a gathering of drivers, operators, and the public; as the TNC goes full...

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Keeping your Children Out of Trouble Online

The internet and its accessibility have come with the good and the bad. It acts as a near bottomless resource center for us to increase our knowledge base. In the other end, it is home to content that can prove harmful or is downright dangerous. You want your child to enjoy the former, but it means that there’s what you need to do on your part to mitigate the risks that come with being online. Here are tips for new parents to help them navigate this space and avoid trouble online. Have an honest conversation Getting ahead of a...

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Scarlet Snow’s Fun and Surprising Way to Create the Best Birthday Ever

Scarlet Snow Belo-Kho has stolen the hearts of millions of Filipinos with her bubbly personality and innocent curiosity. On most days, she spends her time learning new lessons in school, playing with her toys, dressing up for parties, and enjoying her favorite treats.  Like any other kids her age, Scarlet Snow loves anything chocolatey and colorful. It is no wonder that her favorite birthday cake is the Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake. Best Birthday Ever! Scarlet is just as sweet as her favorite cake because she loves delighting her friends with the Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication cake, knowing that...

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Celebrating Bounty Fresh World Egg Day 2018 at Trinoma Mall

It was another Bounty Fresh World Egg Day 2018 celebration! Bounty Fresh is a leading Philippine-based farm-to-market poultry producer. The festivities for this year included several egg and chicken booth activities and in-store promos. It was an excellent way to thank their loyal customers for their continued patronage of their products. We buy Bounty Fresh eggs (always medium, it’s just the right size for our needs!) and I’ve become particularly loyal to it. We discovered Bounty Fresh Chicken Popcorn which the kids love and you bet it’ll be another addition to the weekly grocery shopping list. The October Fresh theme...

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When Times Get Tough: 9 Types of Personal Loans to Utilize When Your Finances Need a Boost

Taking out a personal loan is a great way to close a gap in your budget. Whether you’re experiencing financial hardship, are looking to make a large purchase, complete a home renovation project, or even pay off another loan that is accruing interest at a higher rate, personal loans can allow you to get access to a much-needed cash injection. What is a personal loan? A personal loan is often a loan that is unsecured, that is to say, not backed by collateral such as a home or a vehicle. Your credit score determines your ability to get a...

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