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Robinsons Supermarket Fun Filled Mom and Kids Fair 2018

Have you found that a day has passed and you haven’t done half of the things you needed or wanted to? And that could just be work, house chores and such. What about spending quality time with the kids? I always find myself wanting more time to spend with them but sometimes it’s just not possible. Well, Jael and I enjoyed a full day of fun at Robinsons Supermarket Mom and Kids Fair at Robinsons Antipolo. We came upon a literal mini town with so many activities to do and food to eat. It was a definitely a date...

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Helping Your Child After a Car Accident

The after-effects of a car accident can be wide-reaching and long-lasting. A sudden, traumatic event like a car accident can cause significant mental, emotional, and physical injuries that can be quite difficult to recover from. As this is all true for an adult, it’s even more true of a child who is in the car when an accident occurs. Helping a child deal with the immediate and longer-lasting effects of this trauma is crucial to their proper development as they age and grow. Here are some important steps to take if your child was in the car when an...

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Car Safety Tips For Traveling With Kids

Once you become a parent, your perception of the entire world changes. What was once a safe object now has the potential to cause harm to your child. From cabinets to board game pieces and everything in between, there is no limit to what previously innocuous items hold a newfound threat of danger to your child. That danger is multiplied tenfold when vehicles come into play. Safety on the road is always important, but when children are in your vehicle, the dire nature of caution and proactive planning skyrockets. Luckily, there are a few easy steps parents and guardians...

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Avoid Damaging Your Carpets – Call Carpet Cleaning Experts

Call the Experts Homeowners looking to avoid replacing their current living room carpet may not have considered contacting an expert carpet cleaning firm. However, if we consider the benefits to paying for experts to provide a carpet cleaning service that will make our downtrodden carpets look fresh again, this kind of decision making should be a no-brainer. Indeed, although most owners of homes or tenants of residential property remove their footwear before entering their home, some may feel uneasy about asking visitors to follow suit. Nevertheless, even people who insist that all guests take off their shoes before walking...

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New Lifestyle Dining Strip Calle Bistro Offers Great Eats and Good Fun

A new lifestyle/dining strip, one that delivers good fun and great eats for the entire family has just opened in the northern part of the metropolis named Calle Bistro.  Ideally located in Commonwealth, Quezon City, Calle Bistro is located right beside the popular Ever Commonwealth mall. “We aim that Calle Bistro will become the favorite destination of families and friends who are looking for a foodie adventure in this side of the city,” said Chie Arao-Santos, Corporate Marketing Manager of the Ever Group of Companies.  “We welcome everyone especially those who live in the northern Metro Manila who want to have a good time and memorable dining. Calle Bistro is...

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