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Fit as a Fiddle: 6 Major Muscle Groups You Should Focus Your Strength Training On

Hitting the gym is always a great way to improve your strength, but heading there with no plan in sight is almost as bad as not going at all. While a personal trainer can tell you what you need to focus on, they are also often pricey and not always a feasible option. However, if you are working on strength training, a little research can go a long way. Certain muscle groups are better for building your strength than others. Here are the 6 major muscle groups you should be sure to hit while you’re working out to improve...

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Rebisco Special Edition Designer Cans at 55th Anniversary Celebration

Rebisco started with very simple offerings of biscuits and crackers packed into a can with images of the biscuits. Over time, the packaging evolved, soon showcasing family-themed art works as well. You’re probably very familiar with these biscuits and tin cans being a staple in parties, school baon and even wakes. Rebisco celebrated an impressive 55 years by taking its humble tin can to the next level by partnering with renowned Filipino contemporary artists to create the Rebisco Special Edition Designer Cans. These works of art aim to showcase the rich history and evolution of the brand, while using...

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Distinctive Scents from Scentsmith Perfumery Launches at Greenbelt 5

Don’t you find that certain scents can bring you back to a time or place? They can also remind you of a loved one or a special moment shared. Scents have a powerful role in our lives and choosing a scent is not as easy or as random as you might think. A person’s individual scent tells a story of sorts and can leave a lasting impression. At the recent launch of Scentsmith Perfumery at Greenbelt 5, I was immersed in so many wonderfully intoxicating scents. Scentsmith is a play on the words expert and scents. Did you know...

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Home Issues to Look Out for in New York City

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying your first home or your third; purchasing a new place is a huge deal. It’s an exciting but tiresome journey that could possibly cause continuous headaches if you’re not careful. This is especially true when you’re house hunting in New York City. You may overlook common issues in favor of the look of a potential place or the low rent. While these may be some of the most important elements to you, you should at least weigh the issues against the benefits. The following are a few of the home issues you should...

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BonChon Serves Up Free Kiddie Adventure Meal!

It’s always a date with this little guy any time we head out. Our special dates though always include us playing video games or going to the playhouse. Of course, you’ve got the side trips to the book store and toy store! Most important of all is the food! We choose a restaurant where we can talk and watch Netflix or play games. Our recent date had us at BonChon where we shared some poppers and fries and delicious Milky Cream! Yum! What’s awesome though is that KIDS EAT FOR FREE! Kids get a FREE #BonChon Kiddie Adventure Meal that comes...

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