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I recently had a discussion about the true meaning of a bucket list. To some it’s unreachable feats and to others it’s anything that you would like to do or have. Basing it on the movie, The Bucket List (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman) it is an event or undertaking that will take incredible lengths to obtain.

Taking this into consideration I’ve decided to create a wish list where I will put the things I desire on while my bucket list retains the things that will take a little more imagination to accomplish.

I’m surprised and so happy to see that I already have something in progress and an almost. A couple of things are in the foreseeable future!

      1. Renovate home (in progress)
      2. Add on to our existing condo unit and finally have enough room for a family of 4
      3. Have my own home office corner (DONE!)
      4. Own a car (DONE!)
      5. Print all our photos and put into albums
      6. Buy a tablet(DONE!)
      7. Buy a SMART TV
      8. Upgrade my computer
      9. Have clothing for every occasion
      10. Get a makeover
      11. Watch a movie by myself
      12. Go out and meet new people

What would you have on your wish list?

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3 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Good idea! Perhaps I should go through my bucket list and separate the wish-listy sort of items.
    Then, I’ll have a bucket list, a wish list AND a new year’s resolution list! 🙂 Haha I know, I’m too much.

    • Hi Jenan,

      Excellent idea but it’ll be more work getting all these done! Hopefully we get to cross off more and more things. Let’s see what we’ve crossed off our lists by the end of the year! Thanks for visiting!

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