The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard about an opportunity to do a boudoir shoot is “What will my kids think?” At my age (39 as of this posting) I thought it was the perfect time to just do something I wouldn’t normally do. A boudoir shoot was definitely an idea I wouldn’t have entertained but I’ve been separated 2 years now and have come into my own that I’m proud to embrace the woman I’ve become.

Probably, young, perky women would be the best subjects for a photoshoot like this BUT a mom’s body should be celebrated as well don’t you think? I definitely have a mom’s body. It’s gone through 3 births, 3 babies breastfeeding on my once pert breasts and even 1 miscarriage. My skin has been stretched, torn (yes in that area trying to push out a baby!) and become imperfect. Yet, these marks I wear with pride because today I have an 18, 17, and 8 year old to show for my “war wounds”.

So going back to my kids’ reactions, my eldest son was very supportive… at first. I didn’t tell my daughter till after the fact but she helped me put on my make up. I only asked her to give me a sexy made up face and she helped me without anymore question.

The reason I was willing to do the shoot was because the talented photographer is my friend Joy Gurtiza, a fellow mommy blogger and professional photographer that put my mind at ease. She made it very comfortable for me to explore my body, different poses and encouraged me to go beyond my usual restrained self.

Moms like me should be allowed to openly and freely explore the beauty of their body without judgement. Did I have hesitations posting about this? Yes! As you can see in the pictures below, my mom bod is far from perfect.

A tired mom whether working, stay at home, work from home and all other kinds of moms can still feel sexy. Boudoir photography is actually a perfect opportunity to preserve your beauty or gift to your special someone.

Believe it or not, I researched poses to get inspiration from. When I got to the boudoir shoot though I went with what my body felt like doing. We all have an inner sexy self. Besides, if you’re unsure of how to pose or what to do, your boudoir photographer like Joy will coach and guide you. It was comforting to know that she would get my best angle, side and find the level of comfort worth showing in pictures.

So you be the judge! Here are some of the shots from that shoot that I am so proud of.

When I got home from the boudoir shoot, I showed my teens. They were shocked at first and had a “No, no, no, no, no” moment. That was Bastian actually, and I can understand because cool mom that I am (hahaha) I’m actually Facebook and Instagram friends with some of his friends. In the end, it was Kianna that said “Go ahead, mom. We’ll handle it.” I couldn’t be more proud. Thank you kids!

To schedule your own Boudoir Photography session with Joy Gurtiza you can send her a message through her Facebook page.

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