Your home is all you have on the earth, next to your loved ones, and it is this home which facilitates and comforts you to the maximum. In order to be continuing with all this facilitation, you need to focus on its regular maintenance with excellent home management skills. In this way, you will keep feeling confident of your house as well as remain healthy and fit. In this context, you must have the skills to perform sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and dusting your living place properly. Moreover, you should be able to plan and prepare meals, do laundry work and introduce innovations regarding home décor.

Apart from conferring us with so many blessings, home management skills also serve us with two extra advantages. First, taking care of your living space and your personal things will groom your personality and image to an extent where your employer or business partners will trust you a lot more regarding the care of their matters on your part. This will, in turn, enhance your progress in finances as well.

Second, your home management skills improve and strengthen your social relations with your fellow beings. You will feel not only quite confident whenever any of your friends, relatives or colleagues happens to call on you but also proud to present your home without any embarrassment whatsoever. Your neat and clean house will reflect your abilities and leave an ever lasting impression on the mind of the visitors as well.

Now the question arises as to how much you are skillful in this regard and what are your plus and minus points towards home management. In order to help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in this area, we have developed a home management checklist. Having made your current evaluation, this checklist will help you decide what goals you would like to set for yourself in the home management area. So, read the checklist below and judge for yourself if you can perform them or are in dire need of some assistance or training.

  1. Maintaining the household appliances or tools.
  2. Shopping (making a list of your requirements and managing money to buy them).
  3. Undertaking the daily routine tasks regarding safety measures.
  4. Organizing and storing household goods as well as cleaning supplies.
  5. Getting rid of the trash.
  6. Caring for the floors by sweeping and mopping.
  7. Taking care of the furniture by dusting and polishing as per requirement. A lot of firms like Furniture Plus Online may guide and facilitate you in this regard.
  8. Cleaning the kitchen thoroughly by washing and drying dishes, maintaining the refrigerator properly and cleaning the stove and oven as per need.
  9. Preparing the food, washing the vegetables, fruits, fish and meat before eating and cooking, organizing the pantry and refrigerator, storing food articles properly in containers or plastic wraps, etc.
  10. Cooking meals with the help of excellent recipes; using the stove, oven, microwave, etc. to prepare the various tasty dishes.
  11. Performing bathroom chores which include scrubbing the bathtub, disinfecting the toilet bowl and cleaning the sink properly and regularly.

As you review the checklist, you will come to know that there is no right or wrong answer. Rather, there is only what is true for you. 

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