Finding people with common interests and goals can be hard. For me at least. It may be my busy schedule, lack of opportunities or sometimes my hesitancy to meet new people. Whatever the case communities such as the Whirlpool Kitchen Club offer a chance to mingle with fellow homemakers and cooking enthusiasts and learn new recipes. First launched in 2016, the Whirlpool Kitchen Club was formed to bring together those who are interested in food, the kitchen, and home in general.

Whirlpool Kitchen Club at SM Fairview

A special class was recently held at the Atrium of SM City Fairview that was filled with fun games and educational activities such as cooking demonstrations for quick and easy microwave oven meals and no-cook refrigerated desserts, informative lessons on LPG safety and how to efficiently organize your refrigerator, as well as other home care tips that everyone can surely implement in their own homes. There were lots of exciting giveaways as well as raffle prizes that were awarded to all the lucky participants during the event.

“Whirlpool aims to make the world a little easier and it is through events and activities like this that we get to live up to our commitment to make the lives of Filipino families more convenient,” Joy Catiis-Cruz, Marketing Manager of Whirlpool Philippines said.

I loved meeting these fellow moms who also support my blog! Thank you mommies! <3

“Making home life better has always been our passion at Whirlpool, which is why our home appliances possess advanced technology which make them intelligent, intuitive, and innovative.  One of the products that we are most proud of is the Whirlpool IntelliFresh Refrigerator which provides you with the best cooling performance without wasting energy. Its Tri-Sensor Advanced Technology is designed with several sensors that detect the amount of food inside and the ambient temperature outside and adjusts it accordingly. This allows you to save on energy, consuming only as low as PhP9 per day, as proven by the Meralco Testing Lab,” revealed Cruz.

I just bought an Inverter refridgerator but I was intrigued with the IntelliFresh techonology mentioned. Keeping this in mind for the next purchase unless there’s another advancement by the time I buy a new one. The last fridge that I had was from 2004!

The special Whirlpool Kitchen Club event was made possible through the generous support given by the following partners: King Sue Ham & Sausage, Lotus Biscoff, Solane LPG, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Ceres Juice, Masflex Cookware, Breeze, Domex, Cif, Sunnyware, First Keeva Innovation, Blue Bonnet, Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances, and Tecnogas.

To know more about their products, you may visit their website or follow their official Facebook page.

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