“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” Margaret Mead

There is almost no doubt that our educational system is failing our students and more importantly our future generations. When we look at America today, we have dropped the ball in regards to how we stack up to the word in areas of education like Science and Math.

We have slowly been decreasing in education, and this is becoming quite the problem. Higher education, although seeming to be of higher quality, is in fact, nothing more than an economic trap that is meant to lock people into jobs that they hate.


Well because students loans are the only loans that are not forgiven. These are loans that you must pay back. Moreover, they become quite the problem when you start to see that going too college is much more financially stagnant than not going to college.

So what does financially stagnant mean?

The idea, this antiquated notion, of going to college is that you can make more money because of your higher education. Moreover, the fact and truth of the matter are that there are many cases of this to be a thing. Yes if you go to college and become a doctor or maybe even a lawyer when compared to not going to college and working at a fast food chain.

However, here’s the thing these are just two extreme opposites.

With the internet being – now – such an integral part of our lives today it is more than possible to earn much more than a doctor or lawyer.

Education should be about getting students to think critically. Being able to ponder and question. It should not be about spoon feeding students.

Our educational system is in desperate need of a revamp, and a system like Thinkwave is the way for a better educational future.

In this article, we will discuss the different ways we can improve our educational system. If we do not invest (time, money, resources) in our children’s education, then we are dooming future generations. Moreover, this is a truth that we must accept and try to change.

No future has ever been worse because of investing in the present future.

Let me repeat that “No future has ever been worse because of investing in the present future.”

So in this article, we will discuss 7 Ways To Improve Your Education System.

7 Ways To Improve Your Education System

# 1 – Respect For Teachers

This is perhaps one of the most overlooked events that happen to teachers. When we say respect for teachers we aren’t necessarily talking about the student but society as a whole. The teacher has extraordinary power. They can kindle a child’s mind and set it on fire so that they can create, think and start to reason for themselves.

Our society (and much of the world’s organization) is geared to this way of thinking which is quite antiquated- and it is this idea that you must emulate and that you must copy other people. The objective of teaching, however, is not to get students to imitate them or to listen to everything they say but to get students to think for themselves.

This is where the respect for teachers should start to come from. They have one of the hardest jobs in society. They must get this generation to think logically and rationally – but more importantly, critically.

Teachers should get much more respect in society than they actually do. Sadly more people care about athletes and celebrities than they do about teachers. Then again it is a society to blame for this way of thinking and why teachers have such a hard time.

# 2 – Parent-Teacher Communication

There is very little doubt that the interaction between parents and teachers is a must. Teachers are in a sense like second parents to students, and this is no exaggeration. With so much that a teacher has to teach and try to instill in students its more than a job it is a career.

Let’s take for example teaching sexual education in schools. There are a vast amount of parents who would like to teach their kids about that, and then some parents would prefer that their school’s teacher teach them about that.

Whatever the resolution – it is clear that there must be some communication that goes on between these adults as the better communication there is, the easier it will be to teach the students.

# 3 – More Freedom To The Teacher

Teachers have such a jam packed load. There is so much paperwork involved with what they do. The massive amount of paperwork that they have to take care of limits there time in being able to actually do more creative work.

In a sense, the school system itself is one of the primary reasons as to why the educational system is failing. The amount of work and paperwork that teachers have to do is ludicrous and really serves very little meaning in the extended scheme of things.

More than anything, school should be a place where students come to learn. Not learn what to think and what to do but learn how to think and more importantly learn how to learn.

By being more creative with educational tasks and ideas, it is much more beneficial for them to be able to create fewer plans that will entice kids to think and get kids excited to come to school.

# 4 – Raise The Standard

It is so important that we raise the bar in the educational system. Incorporating new ideas like philosophy and psychology into the curriculum would be a great way to get people to think critically.

Especially philosophy Like Socrates did for his young fellows in his time – getting children to question their thinking is something that is SORELY taken for granted. We have this myopic understanding and perception that education is being told what to think and do.

That is entirely wrong – that is indoctrination.

It is indoctrination when you have all students thinking and acting the same way. It is indoctrination when you have people all aspiring to the same thing.

Students are all different and unique, and this is nothing that we should cultivate in society. We should get students to think for themselves and not merely follow what others are doing.

# 5 – Continued Education For Teachers

Teachers themselves should also continue their education. Not only by getting a higher degree but they should also learn about psychology and philosophy. It is essential that teachers have a clear understanding of psychology of students and how they are all different, and have a different way of thinking and acting.

Understanding the different psychologies that children will manifest in the classroom will later be one of the primary reasons in how teachers will be better in their job and help channel the student’s energy in a positive direction.

# 6 – Remove The Bachelor Incentive And Replace It With Internship

It would be more efficacious for aspiring teachers to go out in schools as interns and see how to teach students.

Yes, it is essential to have a foundation for education, and a higher education system can provide that. However, many other things in real life can significantly benefit aspiring teachers, and some of these experiences are much better in helping to create a better teacher going to college or university.  

# 7 – Communicate With Students

It is crucial for teachers and students to have a good bond and a good relationship. Students look to teachers as role models and as people to aspire to be like. Students should be comfortable around teachers.

Teachers should feel a connection with their students and should feel like they are their responsibility. The relationship between students and should be like second parenthood.

Final Thoughts

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” ― Mark Twain

It is so vital that we revamp our educational system. It is indeed in need of a new system, a new way for teaching, a new way of educating, a new way of inspiring kids for the next generation.

Our system is failing and the idea that we need to place more work on teachers and students is ludicrous.

Education is not about spoon-feeding. It is about teaching people how to go out there and not only find food but discover how to cook a menu they have just seen.

Education is horrendously undervalued in our culture (well many societies around the world), and we need to consider focusing a great deal more of energy.

It is about time that we (society) have a revolution, and an enlightened era where we start to value education again because it may sound cheesy and may have been overused a lot but children…” children are the future” – and they deserve a better fate.

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