SuperStar Virgo, Star Cruises flagship dream cruise is returning to her well-loved Manila port this December for a one-of-a-kind holiday concept cruise.

Imagine a 5 night journey to the sandy beaches of Southern China or idyllic destinations in Vietnam all from a point of origin in Manila. A cruise is an extravagant experience that can be enjoyed with the whole family. With plenty of on-board activities and sights to see I’m sure your family will have a jam packed schedule of fun and building memories. 

Concert Cruise Series

The themed cruise ship concepts are specially set up to cater to your preferred cruise entertainment:

1) Concert Cruise Series with The CompanY
Sailing date: December 4 to 9, 2018
Destinations: Halong Bay, Vietnam and Sanya, China

2) Concert Cruise Series with the Manila PhilHarmonic Orchestra
Sailing date: December 9 to 14, 2018
Destinations: Halong Bay, Vietnam and Sanya, China

Cooking Cruise

3) Festive Cooking Cruise with Celebrity Chef Sandy Daza
Sailing date: December 14 to 19, 2018
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh and Nha Trang, Vietnam

Inspirational Cruise Sessions

4) Vacation at Sea with Bro. Bo Sanchez
In partnership with Executive Resources, Inc.
Sailing date: December 19 to 24, 2018
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang, Vietnam

Holiday Celebrations at Sea

5) Christmas & New Year Celebrations at Sea
Departure dates: December 24 to 29, 2018 and December 29, 2018 to January 3, 2019
Destinations: Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang, Vietnam

The launch and introduction of the new holiday cruise concepts at Winford Hotel gave just a taste of what to expect with a beautiful performance from Manila Symphony Orchestra.

Book now through any local travel agency or visit for any of these special Holiday Concept Cruises with special promotions of Cruise One, Take One or 3rd/4th Guest Free!

For inquiries, call (02) 836 6080.

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