McDelivery has saved me quite a few times when I haven’t been able to prepare a meal or we need a snack. Any time of day on any day we can reply on McDonalds to come through for us. I saw this video and remembered my own son, Bastian when he was a baby. Boy, we couldn’t make a single noise. not even a scuffle for fear of waking him. It sometimes felt like a miracle when he would fall asleep because he hardly seemed to!

There was one instance when it had taken me the longest time to put him to sleep and it was the wee hours of the morning. I finally lulled him to sleep when a car backfired. Can you believe that?! he woke up screaming and crying and I just started crying along with him. It was horrible at the time but i can laugh about it 18 years later!

There were many time I had to miss eating because I just literally had my arms full. I think that’s why I lost the baby weight so quickly after I had Bastian! If I had the convenience of this McDelivery app I might have been able to eat more often!

And isn’t it just so accurate that the minute you settle your child down and you’re about to do something like take a bath, eat or just sit down and enjoy the quite they wake up and cry bloody murder? Those were the days… that I’m not to sad to see go that is.

Seriously, this generation and the generations to come are super lucky. They can just tap and deliver. It’s the ultimate convenience. I can tap and deliver now too though so I’m a happy camper!

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