Going on my 3rd year of attending the Robinsons Supermarket Buddy Run, this was the year that I had planned to finally run instead of just cover the event. A fun run like this is perfectly in keeping with my continued fitness journey and I wanted to accomplish a 5k run and hopefully in the future a 10k run as well. It seems that God had a different plan for the 11th Buddy Run held at Camp Aguinaldo though. Instead we were blessed and showered with rain, generosity, camaraderie and appreciation. The rain made it so that we weren’t competitors but fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Though I personally chose not to run after determining that the rain was too strong for me, I was happy to have gotten in a warm up with Coaches Jim and Toni Saret early that morning.

Why didn’t I run, you might be asking? I didn’t want to push myself. An almost 16 hour work day plus kids plus my other many responsilbilities just tires me out so that I felt my body was not up for a run in the rain.

After deciding that it was safe enough to run, majority of those who attended continued on with the fun run despite an announcement of no winners. Everyone who attended and had registered for the race still received their promised loot bags overflowing with Robinsons Supermarket goodies.

This event has spurred an interest in jogging though and I’m actively pursuing fun run activities and meeting up with friends to run.

Celebrities and athletes made appearances and further uplifted the mood at the event.

The 11th Buddy Run is in line with Robinsons Supermarket commitment to encouraging wellness among Filipino families. They promote the conscious effort to actively choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.

Make sure to stay tuned for the next Buddy Run. I’ll definitely see you there!

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