Some people say that “money talks.” Our coins and bills tell us a lot about what is special about our country and people. In this book, you’ll learn how Philippine money was invented, how it came to our shores, how it’s made, and why it looks the way it does.

CASHAYSAYAN: A History of Philippine Money is the second book from the wildly popular Halo-Halo Histories, a series dedicated to making the study of Philippine history fun and engaging for young people.

This 176-page book unravels the mysteries of money with the help of a few quirky characters: the silver heavyweight coin, Money Pakyaw; our reliable bamboo coin bank, Al Kansya; the enterprising lady who runs the local sari-sari store, Aling Suki; and following through with his guiding duties from book 1 is Tatang Tarsier.

From the age of bartering with neighboring countries to the first forms of money to the challenges that brought about the development of currency systems, this seven-chapter book takes its readers through the winding historic trail of the Philippine Peso.

“This book reminds us that our economy has a story.  That money is not just currency, it carries with it meaning, identity, and our shared experience.”- Xiao Chua, Public Historian

You can order your own copy online  through or visit Tahanan Books at Unit 402 Cityland 3 Building, V.A. Rufino corner Esteban Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

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