So much has happened in the last year and the one notable achievement is that I’ve been inspired to become fit and healthy. I’m slowly getting there and one of the inspirations and partners on my fitness journey is Robinsons Supermarket.  My final hurrah for my birthday month is my Robinsons Supermarket birthday giveaway.

If I were to list the top 3 things that helped me with my weight loss it would be moderation, exercise and healthy and affordable choices. Robinsons Supermarket has monthly promos and deals to make a healthy lifestyle more attainable. They even have their very own health brand of products, Healthy You.

Their recent fun and fit activity was the 11th Buddy Run which I joined with Kianna. It’s been one of my goals to help moms and women like me who had reached a point in their lives where they were no longer happy with how they felt and looked. It can be done and as corny as it sounds you have to believe you can do it and just start. Start anywhere, any way you can. Even the smallest change can help and once you get on track you’ll look forward to continue on the healthy path your on. Celebrate wellness with me!


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*Winners will be within Metro Manila only (covered via Xend)

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