Any celebration isn’t complete without CAKE! The Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication Cake is the latest cake I’m crazy about because look how fun it is! Though it’s a cake best for kiddie celebrations, kids at heart like me love it as well. I enjoy anything pretty and when you cut into this cake you get all these pretty colors. It’s also topped with chocolate rosettes, colorful sugar confetti, and lollipops that makes it look like a candyland!

It comes in 8×8, 8×12 and 12×12 giving you choices for any occasion. I could probably finish an 8×8 in one sitting if I wasn’t trying to be so disciplined! The kids instantly each got a lollipop and I sat in a corner relishing my slice.

Thank you to Red Ribbon for being so supportive of my blog and always  giving me and the kids occasions to enjoy their delicious products. Because we are big Red Ribbon fans constantly enjoying their cakes, cake slices, pastillas (!), banana crunch and more we wanted to give an opportunity for you guys to get your own Red Ribbon Rainbow Dedication cake by having a giveaway!

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*Winners will be within Metro Manila only (covered via Xend)

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