Organic and clean food is becoming an important part of a family’s diet. I care a lot about this and it’s hard to balance in this world of man-made materials, unhealthy food, GMO fruits and vegetables…

I know what sort of problems non-organic things can cause (and I don’t speak about food only).  Did you know that the unpleasant odor emanating from mattresses is actually called off-gassing?

Hopefully this spreads awareness, especially among parents that there is an option to sleep on an organic mattress.

Such mattresses can be a bit more expensive but children deserve to sleep on a breathable, fresh and organic bed, if you can afford it or are willing to invest in one.

What’s off-gassing?

Off-gassing is the process of releasing harmful chemicals into the air. Usually beds that were made with man-made materials like petroleum-based memory foam put you and your home at huge risk of releasing such gasses.

If the mattress is made with phthalates, VOCs, petroleum, fire retardants and so on, chances are these chemicals will sooner or later start emitting gasses in your home. Most people aren’t even noticing the off-gassing, except for the odor, but this is far more harmful than you can imagine. Not only you and your children will inhale it, but these chemicals can also penetrate your system through your skin.

Off-gassing and SIDS

I’m disturbed even when I write about the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It can happen to a completely healthy baby younger than one year. Many doctors and scientists have various theories for SIDS reasons that include suffocation or getting stuck between the mattress and the crib.

But, SIDS can happen because of off-gassing as well (although you may come across articles that claim that it has nothing to do with it).

Just imagine how harsh and threatening these VOCs are for your baby’s lungs. Literally it takes several inhales to kill a baby.

A baby’s (or toddler’s) mattress should be firm enough to help them develop the right way, it should have low or even better, no risk of off-gassing at all.

How will you spare your kid from possible off-gassing?

First of all, always go for brands that have tradition and are known for their high-quality and non-toxic products. This way you know that you’ll get a mattress with top quality and certificates.

I know that it’s hard to find a top-class brand with reasonable prices, but this is not a case where you should save money.

Mattresses made of breathable materials like cotton or bamboo, organic foam or latex are the safest on the market. Natural latex especially, has the lowest risk of off-gassing.

Always read the labels and the certificates (these are great indicators that tell you what sort of materials were used and if they can be safe for your home). Just a little online searching and you’ll understand what those certificates mean.

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