When Kianna made the Outstanding list at the end of the school year I asked her what treat she’d like to have. It’s a little incentive I give the kids just to acknowledge and thank them for their hard work. It’s nothing extravagant because I don’t want the prize to be the sole reason for the kids to want to excel.

Luckily, with Bastian and Kianna, they excel because they want to. It’s not something I’ve ever forced. I needed to find a balance between encouraging them to get good grades and letting them enjoy their time as a student.

I was quick to agree to Kianna getting gel polish as her treat but what made me happy was that she wanted to spend that time with me and wanted me to get something done as well with her. I tell you, my heart was full at that moment.

So we headed to SM Fairview to find a salon that could do gel polish and wasn’t too crowded. We went around the entire mall and decided on The Nail Bar located at the ground floor of SM Fairview Annex in the new wing being constructed.

Cozy, quaint and uncrowded, Kianna and I settled in for what was gonna be about an hour and half to two hours of pampering.

Kianna opted for a grey gel polish color and I went for a pedicure with a pinkish hue.

It was a pretty enjoyable experience overall because I spent it with Kianna. My only complaint is that I shouldn’t have let myself be pressured to have my ingrown removed. I always request that it not be touched but the pedicurist at that time was assuring me that I needed to have it removed blah blah blah. At first it didn’t hurt and I thought “Hmmm, that was okay.” Until I got home and saw that my ingrown was bleeding. It was very uncomfortable and painful at times. To think I tipped for that! Never again will I listen to have my ingrown removed! You can actually see in the picture below a hint or red pooling at the tip on my left toe. It took about 2 weeks to recover from that.

Moral of the story, always go with your gut but the main message of my post is that we should treat our kids every once in awhile and acknowledge the effort they put into their school work. It shouldn’t also just be about grades. A kind gesture or effort in an extracurricular activity should also be recognized.

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