Being physically active is very important for me especially now that I’m on a fitness journey. I’m always looking for new activities to do and I recently looked into table tennis.

Not only you are constantly making little steps back and forth, left and right, but your entire body is engaged and you are working those arm muscles just like you’ve spent months in the gym.

It doesn’t require any special gear or previous knowledge, and yet it’s so addictive and fun, that no matter how old you are, it looks like you’ll get hooked.

Here are some top reasons why to play it

  1. Improves your reflexes – Playing table tennis has you doing some ninja moves trying to keep that ball on the table.
  2. Excellent brain activity – Doctors claim that this is one of those games that keep the brain active and young. Physical activity takes brains, no matter what other people say and when you play this game it takes much more than just running after the ball. Literally you are exploring the space, techniques and ways to hit the ball so it can bounce to the other side.
  3. Works better than meditation – Surprisingly, there are some that say an hour of playing table tennis can make you calm, relaxed and content, just like a work out, practicing yoga or meditation does.
  4. You can put the table anywhere – The weather is great – you can play ping-pong outdoor, the weather is not great – you can play indoors. It just takes a little lifting of the table tennis table and voila, you get to play this game anywhere. If you’re a little bit more adventurous, you can even transport the table someplace else, but for your home recreation, it’s more than enough to have it inside (or outside).
  5. Costs nothing – Besides the investment you do for the table and the rackets, this sport doesn’t require any additional equipment. You don’t have to buy fancy and expensive sports shoes or other gear, you can literally play it dressed in your pajamas, wear slippers or sandals, be barefoot, whatever… This sport doesn’t require big investments and it’s one of the top reasons it has been recommended it.
  6. Age is not a problem – You are in your 70s? Good, you can still play. You are a kiddo, aged 9? Why not grab that racket and play this game. It doesn’t matter how old you are, but how you feel and if you feel like playing table tennis all you have to do is, well nothing, expect have the will and excitement to play it. Table tennis won’t hurt your back, nor will it make you feel as if you’re losing your breathe. Sometimes, it feels like a cool dance to me (especially when I’m winning).
  7. It’s an international sport – the rules apply anywhere from the USA, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Australia, China… You can play against a person from a totally different background and perhaps not even understand each other, and still be able to play ping pong like pros. It’s a peaceful and fun sport that doesn’t promote any violence and in the end (no matter who wins) still puts a smile on your face.
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