I’m a butter addict! I’m also a cheese addict and a semi-milk fiend. Yes, I love dairy products and hopefully it won’t be my downfall on my fitness journey.

Though I don’t eat much at events that I attend I do like to have a try of a little bit of everything that my palette is drawn to. At Single Origin in Rockwell Makati I tried everything, though. It was just too beautifully presented and had all my favorites so I called that day a special cheat day.

The theme of the event was #AWholeLotToLove and there was plenty of that going around when it came to the food.

There have been many debates when it comes to attending product events and you’ll find that I’ll attend an event if it’s a product I really like whether there is anything in return or not. This was the case for Anchor Butter. The only butter we buy because it’s the best tasting and Kianna insists on it for her baking whims.

The food served were all made from Anchor Dairy products. I mean, just look at that beautiful swirl of butter. How can you not…?!

Alright, I did have some self control. I didn’t actually eat everything you see here but we each got our own serving of each so if you’re on a fitness journey like I am this is really good for sharing with someone on the same journey or who can finish your leftovers!

The best of all of these for me was the Pumpkin Soup and I’m not even a huge fan of soup but it was so creamy and delicious. Credits go to the White Truffle Pasta for the cutest way to serve a pasta dish ever!

Melba Toast with Garlic and Chives Butter (Anchor Salted Butter and Cheese Block)


Pumpikn and Cinnamon Soup (Anchor Culinary Cream)


Four Cheese Pizza (Anchor Shredded Mozarella, Shredded Cheddar, Grated Parmesan)


Fish and Fries with Marinara Sauce (Anchor Grated Parmesan Cheese, Culinary Cream, Unsalted Butter)


White Truffle Pasta (Anchor Culinary Cream, Grated Parmesan, Unsalted Butter)

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