I always get nostalgic when it comes to board games. It reminds me of a simpler time when kids would invest time and intelligence to win a physical game. This still rings true today but everything is digital now and what has been largely lost is one of the most important things: eye contact. That’s why I appreciate places like Laro Board Game Cafe in Pearl Drive. They’re trying to drive people back to playing board games and interacting without any gadgets.

This was another great opportunity to date my kids!

Can kids today say they have played a board game? Probably very few. I’m lucky enough to have played board games with the teens. This was a good introduction to Jael. Believe it or not we have some pretty great board games at home. Monopoly, Pictionary, Scrabble, Scattergories, etc.

At Laro Board Game, there’s a pretty wide variety of games to choose from. They do have a 1 game per table policy, though.

Jael has watched videos of the Pie Face game on YouTube and was excited to try it. As you can see the kids were genuinely eager to play and enjoyed it, too!

The great thing about the cafe is that they serve some pretty delicious snacks. I was most impressed with their frappes.

Playing games is made more fun with food, of course. You can order full meals or appetizers depending on your mood.

Spending time with the kids will always be both a blessing and desire for me. As a mom, I always like to have my kids around (though some me time is in order every once in awhile, right?!).

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