There are many many many products out in the market that claim to help you lose weight. It’s so very tempting to try all of these just to achieve that desired weight or figure. In my experience, what has been most effective is moderation in eating and exercise. However, I did want to explore some products and programs to see if they would could help me on my journey.

I always research before trying something new and there were plenty of positive reviews for Kilo Off which put my mind at ease. There were testimonies to the effectivity of these products and what I liked about these particular set of products is that they have detailed descriptions and even a recommended weight loss program on Kilo Off’s website itself.

Kilo Off was created in France by Laboratories Vitarmonyl. All Kilo Off products are made from all-natural ingredients and are safe with minimal side effects. The products have been approved by the European and local FDA.

Kilo Off has two recommended weight loss programs which I tried.

For Overall Slimming and Detox

This program is recommended for excessive eating especially over the holidays and is to be taken for a period of 8 days. This specific drink helps to burn fat and drain water from your body.

Liquid Drink Slimming (php795)

Active Ingredients: Gurana, Mate, Kola and Green Coffee to help burn fat. Grape marc, nettle, dandelion, meadowsweet to eliminate excess water and toxins.

It surprisingly tasted good like a bit of grape. I could easily drink this. The recommended dosage is a cap full (150ml). I measured it in the cap and made a mark with a pental pen so it would be easier to measure each time.

Powder Drink (Php995)

Active Ingredients: 12 Active Ingredients. Burn fat: with extracts of green tea, guarana, mate and green coffee. Drain water and toxins: with extracts of grape marc, cherry stalk, meadowsweet and orange peel. Maintain a flat stomach: with extracts of pineapple and papaya. Reduce hunger pangs: with citrus and apple pectins and guar gum. Plus includes 10 vitamins at 100% of the recommended daily allowance.

I had a bit of a hard time to drinking this. To drink, dissolve one pack in a glass of water and drink after 10 seconds. If I’m going to be honest I had to have something sweet to eat after every sip. It was a strong taste and my palate was not enjoying it all too much.

Did this work? The slimming drink helped me lose water weight. I experienced contracting of my stomach and frequent trips to the bathroom at first. I was able to finish this program. I felt lighter and this helped me feel better.

For Fat Burning and Stomach Toning

If you’re heading to the beach or need to fit into a dress then this program is for you.

Liquid Drink Flat Stomach (Php795)

Active Ingredients: Tamarind and Balm facilitate digestion and help relieve heaviness and bloating. Rhubarb and Acacia contribute to intestinal balance.

Unlike the Liquid Drink Slimming this was not easy to drink. It was very strong and I also had to apply my eating something in between technique. This is also to be drunk for 8 days.

Capsule Php850

Active Ingredients: Pepper, Fennel, and Green Tea extracts to burn fat and detoxify; Coriander to improve digestion.

The capsules were not a problem to drink. To be drunk 2x a day this is meant to slim you down and provide a 24- hour fat- burning effect. I didn’t feel any fat burning effect but I did feel bloated which in turn made me lessen my eating. I no longer have a problem with overeating so i stopped this after taking it for about 12 days.

Did this work? Truthfully, there didn’t seem to be any visible effect.

Of the two programs I would recommend the Overall Slimming and Detox because I had some visible results. Of course whichever program you may choose, exercise and a proper diet must go hand in hand. The best results will always come from this.

For a full introduction to the products here’s a video showing each product.

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