It used to be that kids would create something from nothing. It was a time when there were no gadgets so kids were made to think outside the box and actually use their creativity and imagination. Today, kids are usually armed with gadget in hand which usually already provide scenarios, steps, and creative options. I have to say, sadly this generation’s kids will most likely be a lazy one, creativity wise. It’s not all the kids’ fault I guess because gadgets make a parent’s life easier as well. I don’t claim any innocence but I do encourage play, creative play at that so I wholly support initiatives such as Oli’s Boxship which gives kids the chance to explore creativity in a subscription box that provides the materials they would need to get their mind and hands working. Now as I write that sentence I can already imagine that there is someone out there that will say gadgets and games also make kids think but practical application can never be beaten. Trust me.

I was lucky to have had a childhood where I played outside, rode my bike, ran as fast as as could as far as I could. Even my teens had that kind of childhood because gadgets came later in their life. However, Jael was already born into a childhood of gadgets, games, and Netflix. Netflix isn’t so bad. I actually allow it provided he watches movies and shows that he can learn from. There’s always a lesson to be taken away from watching shows like The Magic School Bus or movies like Jumanji (the original one) which he recently watched.

But and yes there’s a big but… working double time as a single parent of 3 has been hard because I don’t have as much time as I’d like to get into creative play with Jael. Not like the time I had with my teens. Our play is scheduled and limited which is sad in itself, isn’t it? So activities such as the one in Oli’s Boxship are excellent. Plus his Ate Kianna was on hand to help.

Oli’s Boxship is a curated subscription box filled with fun filled learning activities. All the materials needed to make the inventions, etc are provided down to the scissors which is pretty awesome and helpful.

Ideal for kids 4 years old and above, kids will be introduced to creative play every month through a craftivity, funcycle, and a storybook. Jael had 2 activities and a bonus one to make. I like how the included play magazine with instructions gives you an idea of the level of difficulty, what they will refine and learn, and it even has a messy meter.

A Balloon Powered Car

Materials Used: 

Propeller Raft

Materials Used:

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