College or university almost becomes a second home to our kids with the amount of time they’ll be staying there. That’s why it’s important to consider many factors in choosing the right one. The Philippines has many colleges and universities to choose from. In your search for the best, what schools have you considered? Most likely you’ve looked at the top universities from UP to UST to Ateneo but have you considered Adamson University (also known as AdU)? UniRank actually lists Adamson University as the 24th university of 230 officially recognized Philippine higher-education institutions.

After touring Adamson’s Manila campus I can see why. Situated in a central location, the campus is quite vast also having an elementary and high school.

The university offers ten colleges:

College of Architecture | College of Business Administration | College of Education & Liberal Arts | College of Engineering | College of Law | College of Nursing | College of Pharmacy | College of Science | Graduate School | St. Vincent School of Theology

A Little History

Initially founded as Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry (ASIC) on June 20, 1932 by Dr. George Lucas Adamson, a Greek chemist from Athens, its purpose was to train young men and women on practical industrial chemistry. Once a one classroom school, Adamson has grown to be able to accommodate up to one thousand (1,000) students, or conduct 20 simultaneous classes at a time in their Chemistry Laboratory alone.

Nestled in the middle of the city, the school has had three different locations: Sta. Cruz (1932-1933), San Miguel (1933-1939) and Intramuros (1939-1941) before settling down along San Marcelino Street in Ermita, Manila.

Best known for their chemistry and engineering programs, Adamson added architecture, sciences, pharmacy, business, education, liberal arts, law, graduate school, basic education, and theology courses as it grew bigger.

The University, a Catholic Vincentian educational institution was declared a historic site by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines in 2007 during its Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Soaring Falcons

The regal falcon is Adamson’s mascot and is specifically inspired by Horus, an Egyptian pharaoh-deity with the head of a bird who was said to have the ability to paralyze his enemies with his eyes. It’s symbolization of victory, success, and overcoming difficult obstacles is one that the university hopes each student embodies and takes away with them after university life.

As a parent, one thing that truly impressed me was the security of the school. Adamson has invested in their students’ safety and well being from having security guards and body scanners to having a clinic in each building and even an ambulance.

The college is very straightforward and easy to tour. Each place has a clear sign so you don’t get lost and you know where to head to. Although like most places they have short cuts and detours within in the campus, little discoveries students eventually make.

The Adamson University campus has an auditorium, 3 story library, court, greenhouse, food court, and ATMs.


It’s only apt that Adamson’s new tag line is about global education and spirituality. Would you be surprised to know that:

  • AdU has ASEAN Engineers as Engineering faculty members
  • AdU is 1 of only 3 universities offering B.S. Petroleum Engineering.
  • AdU’s Chemistry Laboratory is one of the largest in Asia.
  • AdU is the pioneer of Industrial Chemistry in the Philippines.
  • AdU is the pioneer of Computer Engineering in the Philippines.
  • AdU is recognized as one of the top performing universities when it comes to community service/involvement.
  • AdU is a recognized leading center for quality education particularly for the socially disadvantaged.

The engineering faculty department envisions and supports its students in becoming an ASEAN Engineer and train and hone them for the international market. Being an ASEAN Engineer allows you to work in/with any country within the ASEAN network. With the way things are in our country having options for our children both here and abroad are becoming more and more a necessity.

One of the highest in demand, not only in the Philippines but also internationally are Petroleum Engineers who have the highest earning salary. B.S. Petroleum Engineering graduates are guaranteed to find work after college for its specialization and complexity.

Most of Adamson’s engineering programs are accredited by the Philippine Technological Council (PTC) under the terms of the Washington Accord which means that in other countries students will be recognized as engineers and not just as technicians.

AdU offers dual-degree programs through partnerships with:

  • Minghsin University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Taiwan (2013 November)
  • Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science

Some programs involved in the dual-degree program are Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering.

In keeping and advancing itself with the times, AdU has a patented service of checking in and out of equipment that students will need to borrow for various projects and assignments. Another impressive and modern feat that AdU can stake claim on.

Engineering Department

3D Printer

Chemistry Department

Nursing Department


Radio Station and Cafe

“University life should be filled with both triumphs and frustrations, laughter and challenges.”

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1000 Manila, Philippines
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