It is amazing to see how technology has boomed during the last few years. So many things that we use today are products of man’s imagination, from the past in order to make our lives easier and do things faster. One of the modern pieces of technology that we could not have imagined in the past is the digital highlighter or pen scanner. This piece of technology allows you to scan an image, handwritten text, or any machine printed image an easily access it immediately for review and editing. For instance, you can load a handwritten text or image text on an editor. Moreover, there are also features in some pen scanners that will convert the scanned image into text-to-speech applications which are highly useful to visually-Impaired users.

Here are five tips for picking the best digital highlighter.

  1. Give importance to the functionality.

Functionality should be the most important factor you need to consider when you are on the lookout for the best digital highlighter and pen-scanners you can find. Digital highlighters work mostly on any device that has keyboard typing. It is important that you research beforehand of the digital highlighter has great connectivity since you will need to connect frequently when using this device. There are also other functions such as text-to-speech and automatic translation to other languages that you need to check out as well if it’s a necessary function for you. Depending on your preferences and need, you must look into this function first before picking a digital highlighter.

  1. Consider 100 percent accuracy of the conversion.

Your digital highlighter won’t be as much use to you if it does not give accurate data once the scanned data is converted. While some digital highlighters are still far from perfect and to dream of 100% accuracy on the converted data may sound too far-fetched. However, it pays to check first if the device easily recognizes patterns and texts. Always go for digital highlighters that give 80-95 percent accuracy. Look for reviews from other users so you will know what to expect before you purchase it.

  1. Look for smooth-gliding digital highlighters.

There’s a reason why a product’s design is an important factor in a consumer’s buying decision. With great design, also comes great and seamless usage of the equipment. Make sure to check if the digital highlighter can glide smoothly through the pages. Some have a sharp and hard tip that can cause a scrape or worst, a tear, on the paper.

  1. Choose a user-friendly device.

Some digital highlighters have difficult buttons or options that it can be very hard for users to work on it. Make sure to get one that is user-friendly. This way, you don’t have to stress yourself on how to use one.

  1. Buy from a reliable brand.

While you can easily buy from any different brands today, choose a digital highlighter that is sold from a trusted brand. Take a good look at the reviews if the company or brand that sells it is proven to manufacture high-quality digital highlighters.

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