Most serious child hazards aren’t just outdoors, but also indoors. They’re in plain sight and in every household. Children are naturally curious and like exploring their immediate environment. However, the curiosity can lead to critical injuries if you lose sight of your child.

About 2 million kids worldwide below the age of 5 are treated for injuries in emergency rooms every year. The injuries often occur at home.

Although child safety hazards vary from home to home and child to child, most of them can be prevented. The following are 3 surprising child safety hazards in your home and ways of preventing injuries from occurring:

  1. Kitchen Ranges

Poorly installed ranges are a safety hazard at home. If your child climbs the door of an improperly installed range or leans forward towards it, it can fall on them. Tipping over a stove can also douse scalding water on your child, leading to critical burns. Properly install your kitchen ranges, securing them on the floor for stability.

Use anti-tip brackets to install slide-in or freestanding ranges, securing their rear legs to the floor to ensure the safety of your kids at home.

  1. Dishwashers

Children can access sharp forks and knives in dishwashers. Detergent is corrosive and harmful. It can irritate the eyes and skin of your little one. If swallowed, the chemicals in detergents can burn your kid’s esophagus and mouth lining. Point all sharp utensils such as knives and forks downwards in your dishwasher basket for utensils.

Fill your dishwasher detergent dispenser only when you’re ready to run your load to ensure your kid isn’t exposed to the harsh chemicals. When done, wipe out any detergent remaining in the dispenser; do this for every load cycle.

Tightly replace the cap of your detergent bottle and store it away from your kid’s reach in a locked cabinet. If your dishwasher isn’t in use, close and keep it latched.

  1. The Family Dog

According to the CDCP, each year hospital emergency rooms receive and treat at least 100,000 kids below the age of 10 for injuries related to dog bites. Most attacks are reportedly by dogs known to the kids in their own homes or a family friend’s. Pet toys and food with small components are also choking hazards.

Never leave your kid alone with a dog, be it yours or a friend’s. Have your dog neutered or spayed to minimize tendencies to be aggressive. Teach your kids to never corner or tease dogs, but be gentle with them. They must never disturb sleeping or eating dogs. Show them how to care for puppies.

Only buy pet toys with small components for kids above the age of 3, lest they pull them off. When your pets are done eating, keep away the remaining hard dog food from your kid.

Bath and baby oils, latex balloons, power windows, fires, purses and pocketbooks, hand-me-down baby gear, soft bedding, magnets and clothing hampers, among other items at home are also child safety hazards. Keep an eye on your baby to make sure they don’t expose themselves to known or unknown safety hazards in your home.

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