Like any beach resort, Mahalta Glamping Resort is focused on enjoyment and memorable experiences for those who will visit. Yet, I feel like this resort will be in a league of its own with the amenities and activities they have planned.

After talking with owners Nerwin and Jen Ordillano, I can envision the kind of resort they have planned and it will be one that will more than satisfy the needs and wants of its guests. The beauty of it is that they are incorporating their own experiences having stayed at various resorts themselves. They’re focusing on making it a¬†homey, adventurous and extraordinary experience and with all they’ve got planned they’ll succeed.

Visit the resort with me as I share the beach, grounds and amenities.

The resort is situated in Wasig in Mindoro Oriental on a seemingly almost untouched beach of white sand. Already equipped with boats for snorkeling and diving, they also have ATVs, kayaks and windsurfing boards for ultimate beach enjoyment.

Glamping is becoming more and more a desirable way to stay at a resort. What’s nice about Mahalta is they give you glamping in style. Their tents are well known brands and are sturdy and functional. They have tents good for 1 up to a family of 5 and even more. The larger sized tents have provisions for air conditioning and come equipped with TVs and even mini refrigerators.

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If you’re particular about bathrooms then you’ll love the ones that Mahalta has designed. From the tiles to the quality sinks, toilets, bidets and showers you’ll enjoy getting your business done here.

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Waking up early in Mahalta is noth a calming and exciting experience because you have so many options as to where you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Also breakfast was just the best for me. I loved my new discovery (mixing Nescafe coffee and Milo) AND I got to try Chocolate Batirol. I’m a sucker for hot chocolate and enjoyed learning how to use the batirol. There’s something special about waking up on a beach…

Coconut being one of Mindoro’s major industries, you can find an abundance of trees and have coconuts picked and cut open to enjoy as a drink or to eat.

A unique feature in Mahalta is this charming hut set up right next to the lake on the resort. Yes, Mahalta has a lake as well and this side of the resort is a picture perfect place to enjoy some quiet and alone time. I also took the opportunity to have my pictures taken as well.

One appealing feature is that this cozy “nook” can be the setting for a marriage proposal, pre nups or a special date with a loved one.

Part of what makes Mahalta as great as it is and which owners, Owen and Jen have an appreciation for is the people or the Mangyans as they’re also known. They share their craft and knowledge of the land and their ways which enrich the attraction of the resort.

My great and wise friend, Ted who happens to also be the architect for Mahalta said that a place where you vacation at is made memorable not because of the place itself but by the company you keep. In this case, it would be my good friends Rose, Ted and Arthur, the owners Nerwin and Jen and their family, Ate Shelina and the other people at the resort all contributed to the fantastic weekend I had.


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