Have I mentioned that I haven’t traveled as much as I wanted to? When my good friend, Rose invited me along to their weekend getaway at Mahalta Glamping Resort in Mindoro during Holy Week I leaped at the chance.

I haven’t reached many places in the Philippines but what I have seen so far I’ve been in awe of. Our 3 day 2 night stay at Mahalta was a memorable one that I enjoyed and learned from. It was a time of introspection, a time to enjoy being away from the daily grind and a time for me to try new things. I did all this and I’m so glad that I did.

Mahalta Glamping Resort is the perfect place to explore, have an adventure and let loose. I can’t wait for this resort to be open to the public which hopefully happens later this year. There are so many things that I love about Mahalta and I have 3 posts on this trip alone. For now I’ll just share the basics, how to get there and an overview of the resort.

I went with my close friends, Rose and her husband Ted who happen to be the architects of Mahalta Glamping Resort along with our friend Arthur. We took the a RoRo, Fast Cat from the Batangas Port to Calapan which was the first time I had ridden one. I told you I haven’t done a lot of things! When we got to Calapan we drove to Wasig where the resort is located. All in all the trip from Batangas Port to Wasig was around 6 hours.

Sometimes going to your destination is already an adventure on its own. We had a stopover at a small cart which served really tasty bibingka and delicious ginger tea. I hate ginger tea, I think it’s something from my childhood that makes my distaste for it a bit strong so I was more than pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed drinking the modestly served ginger tea. This picture hardly does any justice to the gratifying bibingka we had.

When we got to the resort it was like we were kids again. I felt a giddiness at the thought of having a weekend where I could just be free of responsibility and enjoy everything from the sun to the sand. It was such a treat to see a swing set and I have to say I often found myself there just pondering and trying to go on social media for a few minutes. Quite proud of myself though because I barely went online while I was at the beach. It was just to check on the kids and post here and there to keep in touch with you guys!

Mahalta is currently being built up to what I can already see will be a resort of both modesty and elegance. Everything has been carefully planned and materials of the best quality to provide comfort and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

The resort as seen in the map above is on the edge of Wasig, Mindoro and is actually only about 4 hours away from Boracay by sea.

The ocean as far as my eye could see became clearer and clearer and bluer and bluer which you’ll get to see in my next post. The nearly white sand is pristine and seems almost untouched.

I could already see that my trip here would leave a lasting impression. Everything about the place radiated peace, kindness, comfort and care. I loved the thought of glamping and it had actually been one of my travel goals. Wish fulfilled!

The tents provided at the resort were top notch. They have 1 person tents all the way up to family sized tents that have provisions for air conditioning believe it or not.

I work hard, I get by and I’m able to give my kids what they need and some of what they want. I consider myself a lucky person because I have a supportive family and trusted friends. When I need it, opportunities like this come along and I’m so thankful that this special weekend was spent with one of my best friends. My friend Rose, took this picture and I have to say it shows how happy I am in my life now.

Mahalta Glamping Resort is owned by Nerwin and Jen Ordillano. They are some of the kindest people I’ve met. They made my stay all the more amazing with their hospitality, generosity and kindness. Jen and Ate Shelina whipped up the most amazing meals and I completely went off my diet that weekend. The resort gets a lot of help and care from their staff and the Mangyan people they’ve taken in.

Once this fabulous resort opens you’ll be the first to know! Check out my other two posts:

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