Mother’s Day is both a happy and sad occasion for me. Happy because it’s a day that I celebrate my being a mother but sad as well because my relationship with my mom is not all that it could be. Yes, I have a strained relationship with my mom. For the many differences and heartaches I’ve gone through in my childhood and most especially my teenage life I’ve mostly accepted what is. If there’s one thing I’ve gotten from my mother is that I learned from her mistakes. She didn’t directly teach me rather I witnessed what not to do and how else I could do things. I still consider it a gift passed on to me by my mom albeit indirectly. I believe my mom has her own inherent strength because she has been through so much in her own life and I realize that whatever had passed she did her best and stayed strong the only way she knew how. I got her inherent strength.

Today, it has served me well. I find myself a single mom in my late 30’s raising 3 kids all on my own and without the inherent strength passed on to me I might not have kept my own family going. I guess each mother has her own story to tell and their own way of dealing with what’s been dealt to them. I see my mom as not being able to provide and guide as well as she could have. I see myself trying my best to provide and guide yet I know my own kids will look back at me with fondness but also critique at the way I’ve raised them. They in turn will also try to improve their parenting styles and so on and so forth.

In times when I think I’m just being given too much to handle or I feel that I’m so down I look around me for inspiration. I think of my friends who have fought for their child, who have lost their child and who continue to struggle to provide for their child. Take for example Aling Lourdes, she strives everyday for her family living a life of hardship, of physical labor to provide for her 3 daughters. It’s efforts like this that should be recognized and it makes my heart swell when they are rewarded.

Aling Lourdes cleans houses, does laundry work and has a carinderia. Working 7 days a week from early morning until late in the night, she wanted the simplest of things. New pails for her cleaning, new basins for her washing and a dish rack for her dishes. Her wants are still selfless and Orocan gifted her with a new set of all these and more to celebrate #TibayNiNanay (a mother’s strength). Just like a mother’s strength, Orocan is an item in all our households that have endured and served us well through many years of use. We all have at least one Orocan item in our home and you can see for yourself just how strong and determined it is to be of use.

See for yourself just how touching Aling Lourdes’ story is and hopefully it inspires you to keep on.

From the moment we first opened our eyes, to our first steps, to our first words, and the million other milestones that came after, they were there. At every high and every low of our lives, they have supported us, protected us, and loved us with no question. This Mother’s Day, Orocan celebrates the strength and dependability of all our Nanays, Inas, Moms, and Mamas. Nothing really compares with the #TibayNiNanay.

It makes me realize how lucky I am and that I just need to keep being determined and push myself with the #TibayNiNanay and inherent strength that has been passed on to me. The saying is more than true, count your blessings. Though my relationship with my mom may be strained I hope for it to get better in time. I try and show her in little ways that I do care. Let’s recognize the efforts our moms put forth no matter how small or modest.

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