In an ideal world, a mother and father would always be present, hand in hand, to raise a family. I did have that for a time, but now, being a single mom and having double the responsibility on my own, makes me appreciate the fathers who love and sacrifice for their families.

This Mother’s Day tribute video exemplifies just that – how a mother and father sacrifice for their family; doing what it takes, even if it means being oceans away from each other, to ensure a better future for their family. Such is the story of many families with OFW husbands who hold their duty as fathers and husbands dearly enough, to do what it takes to provide for their families, while wives, with the strength that only women have, remain home to care for the kids.

What I like in this video is the easy companionship that this couple shares as he is about to leave once again. The way the wife has taken care of everything that he’ll need and how she lovingly prepares his last meal with her that will surely be a lasting memory for him.

The oddly calming song kind of makes it wistful, doesn’t it? Almost as if we’re being lulled into a silent comfort of acceptance of what’s about to happen.



Mother’s Day is the one day a year that we carve out the right to be acknowledged and appreciated. It’s nice to see the simplest of efforts being recognized by ITLOG.PH, and I think their “Walang Ako, Kung Wala Ka” video perfectly shows how husband and wife bravely face the future together, albeit apart, for the love of their family. More importantly, it shows how the husband really does love and appreciate the wife and mom for simply being who she is.

In an ideal world, every mother has a partner to face the joys and pains of parenthood and raising a family with, and who knows? I may still have a chance at that myself one day. For now though, I’ll appreciate the effort I see around me; and watching this video, I realize that there just might still be, some good men around.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow mommies and women who care for others as if they were their own.

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