As the days are getting hotter and hotter, kids are only going to want to spend more time outside. However, it’s not always ideal to have your kids playing on the street or popping down to the park with their friends if they’re young. Sometimes, you want to keep them close.

But if you’ve got a boring garden, you’re not really going to inspire the kids to while away their hours there. Luckily, there are a few ways you can truly make your garden an exciting place for your kids to spend their time this summer – and we’re going to tell you them here!

  1. Build a Treehouse

Every kid loves treehouses. They become a place of adventure and imaginative play, as well as a convenient hide out when it’s raining. If you don’t have a big enough tree, a wooden Wendy house has much the same effect.

The house of the friend with a treehouse often becomes the hub of social activity. If you want to get to know your kid’s friends well, building a treehouse is a great idea.

  1. Put in a Swing

I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t enjoy a swing – and I know a few big kids who love them too! Swings are probably the closest thing a small child can get to flying, so encourage them to touch the sky by installing a swing set.

If you have two little angels, maybe install a double swing set – so as not to cause any arguments.

  1. Get a Paddling Pool – Or a REAL Pool!

Kids will adore having any body of water in their garden on hot summer days. Paddling pools can become the centre of play and are, of course, a fantastic way to keep cool. Kids love the novelty of getting the paddling pool out on a hot day – it feels really special.

Find me a kid that hates swimming – because I tell you, it’s impossible! Some of the most treasured childhood memories people have involve playing in the water, throwing balls, racing and whatever else, all while growing in strength and fitness! Just make sure you keep it clean, so your kids get all the benefits. Check out for tips on how to clean your pool.

  1. A Ping Pong Table

Is there a better way to spend your time on a summer evening than whiling away the hours playing ping pong, as the heat of the day turns to a temperate twilight? The answer is probably not, and many people who had a ping pong table when they were kids themselves talk with enthusiasm about long matches with their siblings on a summer’s day.

Ping pong is the perfect activity to keep kids occupied when they’ve run out of steam for imaginative games – and it’s sure to be a garden feature Mom and Dad will enjoy too!

  1. Fit a Vegetable Bed

This might not immediately seem like something your kids will be swinging from the rafters over – but trust us, they will love it. Encouraging a love of gardening is a great way to nurture a respectful relationship with nature in your kids.

Plus, on the day you serve a vegetable from your raise bed at the dinner table, your kids are guaranteed to eat their greens that night – because they’ll be excited to eat the food they played a part in growing.

  1. Have a Variety of Plants

While you’ve got young kids, abandon all hopes of having a perfectly manicured garden until they’re out of the door at eighteen years old. Kids are the ultimate garden destroyers – even more than pets!

Instead, aim for a garden with a lot of grass that kids can use as the main play area. For everywhere else, cultivate a variety of low-maintenance plants that you’re not too sentimental about. Trees are great for kids in the garden because they give them something to climb, hide behind and shelter under.

Little flowering shrubs like lavender are great because they smell fantastic and look great – a delight for the kids and you!

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