Shopping is always a great experience when you have the time and money of course! When I shop online it’s always for convenience and being able to shop for a wide range of products in varying price ranges. Shopee is one of my go to places online. Now, I’m not a frantic, avid shopper but I have purchased quite a few items and some that I couldn’t readily find anywhere else. Since it’s beach season I think I’ll share a list of summer must haves I came across when I was doing my usual screen shopping. Well, it can’t be window can it?

Shopee has upgraded with plenty of features. They now have a Malls tab where you can browse products from a specific brand.

One of the things I love to shop for on Shopee is beachwear! From swimsuits to footwear I enjoy checking out the different styles. Ordinarily, I don’t wear beach hats but isn’t this one from the Plains and Prints mall adorable? You can bring this anywhere around the world and would be totally Instagrammable. Yes, I’m one of those!

It’s important to have a good quality beach blanket. A perfect find are the ones from the Life on the Sands- Lagu shop. I have one and it really does keep the sand off and it’s easy to fold up and tuck away.

The beach is the most acceptable place to go barefoot or with hardly there footwear. In my own experience you gotta have flip flops and fashionable sandals. Here are 2 designs from the Banana Peel Mall that I adore.

The heat can be quite taxing on your body and feet. You can give yourself a little love with this Summer Berries Body Butter and Lavender Foot Spray, also from the Banana Peel shop.

Us mommies, always make sure we have sun protection and Shopee has just what we need. After our unfortunate dengue experiences I’m even more particular with bug repellants. We’ve been using Bite Block and it’s worked well for us so far. For hypoallergenic sunblock there’s Beach Hut.

Of course, you can’t bring the kids to the beach without some toys. If you want to avoid visiting the toy store with kids in tow where you’ll eventually leave with some unwanted purchases then just visit the Toy Kingdom mall on your Shopee app.

Depending where or which beach you go to it’s unavoidable that kids will need to wee or poo. If you have an emergency and just can’t avoid or wait to get to a proper bathroom make sure to have these handy. It definitely helps and helps put you mind at ease. Visit the Dragon Edge Group mall for these items.

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