What I like most about my fitness journey is the discovery of new found strength, inspiration, and methods and regimens. I was introduced to mySlim at the launch and introduction of their new endorser, actress Erich Gonzalez.

For those who aren’t aware just yet of this slimming product, mySlim is considered a safe way to achieve weight loss. Having Yerba Mate, Carnipure, and Palatinose which help burn unhealthy fat and keep to a healthy lifestyle.

Erich Gonzales defines sexy but she also exudes a confidence and humility that I admired at the media event. As Erich has shared and proven, sexiness has a lot to do with fitness and good health and being. More so, self confidence and self worth also have to be worked on and be considered.

Now for the nitty gritty. What exactly is mySlim made of?

Yerba Mate is a potent and safe detoxification agent and metabolic stimulant that’s similar to but more powerful than coffee and tea. Clinical studies prove that it helps lessen fat absorption by improving insulin sensitivity, giving your body and added fat burning boost without adversely affecting muscle mass when you exercise regularly.

Carnipure, a form of L-Carnitine enables the conversion of fat into metabolic energy and reduces metabolic stress. This gives the body the ability to burn fat during workouts, even when there’s an abundance of energy from carbohydrates.

mySlim also contains Palatinose which is a powerful metabolic booster that makes the most out of your routine exercises. It’s a type of carbohydrate that supplies glucose, our body’s preferred energy source. Palatinose helps sustain the body’s energy supply by breaking down slowly which gives our body more glucose over a long period of time.

Quick Review of mySlim’s slimming capsules and ready to drink product.

I gave both the food supplement and ready to drink product a try for about a week and a half.

Slimming Capsule (Php540.00)

Their Slimming Capsule (30 capsules) to be taken 2x a day after meals helps you lose weight with its main benefits like appetite suppression and thermogenic effect. I took it for 3 days but had to stop. Since I had already been dieting and reducing my portions and gotten used to it, the need to supress my appetite just wasn’t there. I also imagined it to be something that I wouldn’t feel. In my experience though, after taking a capsule I had feelings of bloating to the point that I felt like I couldn’t take anymore food even when I hadn’t had much to eat. I think this will work on someone who still has those frequent cravings and tends to give in to eating more than they should. The bloating feeling makes you not want to eat.

Ready to Drink (Php89)

Yerba Mate Drink helps you lose weight with its main benefits: increases fat burning and reduces fat resorption. The recommended intake should be every other day. I find this more helpful especially on days where I’ve eaten more than I usually should. The only danger is that those obsessed with losing weight to the point of ignoring recommended doses might drink this more often than they should.

Here’s my experience with it and I even describe my bowel movements. Erich shared that she follows the daily regimen for both the capsules and drinks. She even mentioned that it’s not the type of drink that has you rushing to the bathroom. You still have a semblance of control with it and can delay going by a little bit. I also found this to be true but not by much.

1st Drink: 2am | 1st bathroom trip: 6am

2nd Drink: 3am | 1st bathroom trip: 4:30am / 2nd bathroom trip: 5am

3rd Drink: 10am | 1st bathroom trip: 12pm

It wasn’t painful to go and I wasn’t gassy (!). It was more watery though and it took me longer than usual. I think this is ideal for when you need to feel lighter and lose a little weight a little at a time. After my trip to Mindoro where I ate so much food (more about that trip in another post!) I drank a bottle just to purge myself and I did feel much lighter and better for that matter. At Php89 a bottle every other day it’s not heavy on the pocket as well.

Taking the capsules and ready to drink on a daily basis should give you results in 2 to 3 months time. Of course, as with any weight loss method proper diet and exercise go hand in hand to achieve the desired results.

mySlim is available in three product variants: ready-to-drink, powder drink, and food supplement. mySlim is available in Mercury Drug, Watson’s and other leading drug stores nationwide.

Visit mySlim’s Facebook page: @mySlimPH


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