What I’ve learned so far on my fitness journey is that I have to keep it interesting so that I’ll continue on it. Like anything, when something becomes redundant or boring you stop doing it. Fortunately, I’ve been able to keep myself interested and going on this journey and I’d like to share more recommended home workout exercises for you to try.

When you do the same kind or workout or exercise eventually your body starts to adjust to it and you don’t achieve the results you’re aiming for. What I’ve done is try to mix it up so my body doesn’t adapt to any one exercise. The fun thing about this is you can change it up to suit your mood and the time you have to exercise.

Keeping yourself focused and determined takes a lot of energy that’s why it’s important to set an intention and repeat that to yourself so you give yourself a good reason to continue. There are many things that can inspire you from other people’s journey to a target weight or ideal body to even the clothing you’d like to hopefully fit into someday.

Keep on with your workouts even the ones you hate. Planking is one of two of my most dreaded workout steps. It takes so much from me BUT as time goes by it gets easier and easier but that’s not to say that my body is adjusting to it because I don’t think it ever will!

Look beyond how you look though and remember that how you feel is just as important. You need to wake up everyday feeling healthier and happier with the body you’re forming and toning.

I think the most inspiring part of my fitness journey for others is the actual progress that they’ve seen. It says loud and clear: It’s possible to lose weight!

Here are more before and after pics of me where you can see the vast difference in my weight in just a year’s time. The pictures on the left were taken in 2017 and the ones on the right were taken just this year.

More Recommended Workout Videos

Inner and Outer Thighs

This video focuses on inner and outer thighs which I need help toning! It’s grueling I’ll tell you right now but so worth it and feels good right after. Don’t be worried though if your legs are shaking for a bit during the first few times that you do it. It just means it’s working!

Booty, Legs, Abs Workout

A fun workout for your booty, legs and abs. I like this video because it’s a group of girls and I feel like I’m exercising right alongside them.

Sleek Arms

I’ve mentioned before that I want to work on my arms and I like this one very much. I’m moving up to 5’s though soon to have more resistance in my workouts.

Cardio Abs

Anything with abs I’m always game for as this is my major problem area. The planks can be a killer and the last exercise the bicycle will put you out but like I say no pain no gain, literally.

Total Body Toning

On days that I don’t end my workouts with Yoga for Abs I end it with this Total Body Toning. It covers every possible part of your body and you really feel the overall effect of toning from your arms to your abs to your legs.


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