Jael completed his week as a McDonalds Kiddie Crew! What an exciting experience for him. Jael was excited the whole week and prepared everyday for his 2 hours of work. McDonalds had provided him with a duffel bag to bring his things in and he made sure that all the things he would need was in the bag ready for the next day.

I loved seeing his eagerness and excitement about seeing the new friends he made and the things he would be learning. Just to give you an idea of what to expect during a week with McDonalds Kiddie Crew I asked Jael what they did each day. I only got to go with Jael on 2 of the 5 days and we didn’t get any pictures of the actual activities since it was mostly done where we couldn’t see.

On the first day they learned a few basic things that they were to do everyday. They gave balloons away to fellow kid customers and flyers to the adults. They were taught how to properly greet each customer which I thought was helpful in getting over shyness and building confidence in speaking with people.

Day 1: Mastering Drinks

After learning how to greet customers, Jael said they were taught how to prepare drinks. After an order they would prepare the requested drink and learned how to scoop the ice, choose the drink size and beverage by just a push of the button. Jael was proud to say that he knew the sizes of the drinks even correcting me that they don’t have small but a regular size and then the medium and large. Adorable!

Day 2: Happy Meal Surprise

On their second day Jael said that he learned how to fold a Happy Meal box and they put the toys in the boxes.

Day 3: Crafted Cheeseburgers

The most excitng day in Jael’s book is when they made cheeseburgers which was also their lunch.

They learned how to lay out the bread, put the mustard, slice of cheese, patty and then top with the other half of the bread. Note, he also stressed that the burgers had to be put upside down and then that’s when they wrap the individual burgers. Cute!

Day 4: Practice Dancing for Graduation

This day was for practicing some dance moves and the McDonalds dance for their graduation.

Day 5: Graduation

I was so happy to make it to his graduation. Every little achievement is a big deal to our kids and our presence is important. I’ve made it to most of all 3 of mys kids programs, graduations, recognition ceremonies but the ones I didn’t make it to? They still remember so take time to attend because it is a big deal.

He became close to his “boss” Justine who also grew teary eyed from the experience. I’m such a sucker for moments like that, that I teared up myself!

Overall, the experience of being a McDonalds Kiddie Crew is one that every child should experience at least once. Unofficially, they’ll already be able to say they’ve joined the workforce and it’s an experience they won’t forget.

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