Your outdoor space is the perfect place to entertain your family and friends. Summer is the time to dust off your garden furniture and sweep your deck in preparation for upcoming parties and other types of gatherings. Whether you’re hosting family for lunch, an evening tea or overnight party, you need to prepare your garden and set it the right mood for the event.

A family gathering gives you the time to catch up on various family issues while having fun. Even so, it takes early preparation and proper planning to make your event a success. Proper preparation doesn’t just ensure your family gets to enjoy their time in your garden, but also keeps you sane. Here are tips to help you host an exceptional family gathering in your garden:

Top 5 Tips to Hosting a Successful Family Gathering in Your Garden

  1. Clean Your Garden

Clean your garden or backyard before decorating it. Weed your patio, mow your lawn and remove dead leaves and twigs clogging your outdoor space. Remove any garden tools, toys, etc. in vicinity to create space for your family gathering.

  1. Choose a Theme and Decorate Your Garden

Choose a color theme for your event to help with decoration. Is there a special reason for the event? Is it a fundraiser for a family member in need of financial support or just a get-together gathering? Choose colors appropriate for the gathering. The accessories and furniture used in the venue should go well with your chosen theme for an appealing look.

Mason jars are quite versatile. Use them to hold beverages, as lanterns or use them to create a focal point for a casual yet fun look. For instance, you can use them as a vase to hold beautiful, colorful flowers and place it in the middle of your table. Balloons and paper decorations can also be used to spruce up your garden for an attractive look.

  1. Setup Furniture in Your Garden

How many people do you expect to host in your garden? Hire stools if you need extra chairs to add to your existing outdoor furniture. Alternatively, use large floor cushions, old wooden pallets or soda crates to create comfortable seating for your guests.

Laying some soft fabric on your lawn area can also provide additional sitting areas for those who would like to sit on the ground, especially kids. Bring your dining sets outside if your outdoor furniture isn’t enough for the number you’re expecting to grace the event.

  1. Provide Shade/Shelter

Shade a section of your garden to shelter your family in case the weather changes from good to bad. It’ll also ensure that your gathering continues without any interruptions despite having some showers or extreme temperatures outdoors. Create a sail in your patio with a large iron sheet or hire a large parasol or more than one, depending on the number of guests you’re expecting.

  1. Provide Entertainment

Entertainment is a critical aspect of any gathering. Buy a portable speaker or get one from a friend to set up in your garden and prepare some good music to entertain your guests.

Also make sure there’s enough food and drinks for everyone you’re hosting. The key to hosting successfully is starting the preparations early to ensure your garden and everything else is ready to host your family.

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