Anytime I plan a trip or activity with the kids I always make sure I plan ahead. We haven’t been camping before except for the time we went to Calaguas beach which is a bit of a different scenario. Here are some camping tips to consider though which I’ll be applying when we do get the chance to finally go!

  1. Research

Before you plan a camping trip, ensure that you have done adequate research about the location that you may want to visit. Ensure that you know the climatic conditions of the location, the facilities provided, the road network and many other requirements before you visit. Ensure that you know the cost of camping there per night and whether they have any restrictions to adhere to when you are in the location. Ask whether they allow pets and whether they offer other fun activities in case you want to visit with children. It is also an added advantage if you can book a site early instead of rushing there to scramble for places.

  1. Pack adequately

Before you go out to camp, ensure that you pack adequately and carry all the equipment that you need on site. Ensure that you have the essential tools; flashlights, a map and a compass, a knife, a first aid kit, plenty of clean water, raincoats and boots and other essentials. You also need to carry a tent if the camp does not hire out theirs. Also, before you go out camping, ensure that you test your equipment to ensure that they are working to prevent accidents and getting lost.

  1. Go through safety procedures

Before you go out camping, ensure that you go through the various safety procedures that are necessary when camping. This is especially necessary if you are going out in the company of children. Go through the safety procedures carefully to prevent cases of wildfires and wild animal attacks. Ensure that you set up camp in an easy to access the location where you can get to civilization easily. Ensure that you have also received adequate emergency training to deal with any small incidents that may arise in the campsite.

  1. Be prepared

When going out camping for the first time, it is common to forget equipment, while not being ready for various scenarios. On a campsite, there may be adverse weather changes, whereby a seemingly sunny day can turn into a dark wet evening. To be ready for such situations, carry the gear you require and carry clothes for wet weather in case of rain. Additionally, make a schedule for your mealtimes and various duties to make your camping experience as smooth as possible.

  1. Buy the gear

Before going out camping, you require camping gear. It may sound overwhelming thinking of the many types of equipment that you may require. However, you should not be worried as you only need a few basic types of equipment for a start. The first thing you need is obviously a tent, as this is the place you will be sleeping in. You may also need a footprint that will protect you from the wet ground, but only if the tent you get does not have one. Additionally, you need sleeping bags or inflatable mattresses so that you do not sleep on the ground. After getting these essentials, you can purchase additional equipment at your leisure.

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