Refraining from coffee and tea, reducing food intake and investing in air conditioning are among the ways to beat the summer heatWith the summer heatwave getting closer, we’ve compiled a checklist of the top three solutions to cooling off your business to maintain high productivity levels among employees.

Most of the solutions here are straightforward but effective at curbing your thermometer from moving into overdrive; thus, on the presumption, you can’t bear the heat in the workplace, we suggest you try them out.

1. Keep everyone hydrated

As mentioned earlier, the methods will seem rather basic, but you’d be shocked to find out how much water our bodies lose to perspiration. Our bodies sweat to regulate body temperature, yet in doing this, we lose precious nutrients and water needed elsewhere.

This loss is attributed to dehydration and heat stroke, symptoms which include; hot, red and dry skin, dizziness, confusion, nausea and dry skin. Make it easy for all staff to access lots of water by having extra water stations in the entirety of your facility.

Also, when temperatures soar too high, you could avail a water cooler filled with flavored energy drinks to add to the variety of drinks while ensuring everyone stays hydrated. But always keep in mind the old-fashioned H2O remains the leading solution to hydration.

2. Increase cooling opportunities

During prolonged periods of hot weather, increase the frequency of breaks for staff if possible, or at the very least, keep reminding them to take full advantage of recesses. Interrupting exhausting activities slows down the soaring of the core body temperature. Also, these interruptions allow for more openings to rehydrate and take some time to cool the body.

You may also encourage your employees to adopt a few life-hacks that lower the heat index. Some of the hacks include:

  •  Using aloe vera for moisturizing the body to lower skin temperature
  •  Keep shades/curtains drawn to minimize solar heat
  •  Wrapping moist towels around the neck
  •   Avoid soda/coffee; caffeine bolsters metabolic heat in our bodies
  •   Pat cold towels around the ankles, wrists, and necks

3. Install an air con

An air con system bears numerous benefits for your business, and a few published studies prove the benefits go beyond heating or cooling the air. For over decade, Peninsula Air Conditioning has operated in the air con industry for various kinds of businesses like offices, factories offices and so on with much success.

There’s a relationship between the temperature of a workplace and staff productivity. A slight change in temperature can have adverse effects on employee productivity.    


A great company treasures its employees at all times. As temperatures soar, it’s the management’s mandate to train staff on safety precautions to take in times of heat stress and enacting pre-emptive measures for themselves and personnel susceptible to intense heat conditions.

By learning various tactics for managing heat stress, you keep your staff healthy and productive throughout summer.    


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