Jael’s going to work! I’ve always wanted my kids to try being a part of a kiddie crew and it looks like Jael lucked out! He’ll be joining the McDonalds Kiddie Crew 2018 workforce during the first week of April. I was thinking of activities for Jael to do and this has been one of them.

Jael is really excited to work since he sees me working at home after school. He’ll learn how to make new friends and learn new skills. I’m excited for him to explore more of how to engage with other kids and adults as well. Confidence building, teamwork and discipline are just a few more things.

There are two types of workshop options to choose from – the weekday workshop runs for 5 days and each day will last for 2 hours each. While the new weekend workshop option is a 2-day workshop made of 3 hours each.

The Kiddie Crew Workshop starts every 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM and runs for 2 hours. Jael will be joining the Belfast crew which is great since it’s so near where we live. His Ate Kianna will be watching over him.

Kiddie Crew Schedule:

It will run from April 2 to June 22 with the following schedule options:

Weekend workshop:

Week 1: April 2-6

Week 2: April 9-13

Week 3: April 16-20

Week 4: April 23-27

Week 5: April 30-27

Week 6: May 7-11

Week 7: May 14-18

Week 8: May 21-25

Week 9: May 28-Jun 1

Week 10: Jun 4-8

Week 11: Jun 11-15

Week 12: Jun 18-22

Weekend workshop

Week 1: April 7-8

Week 2: April 14-15

Week 3: April 21-22

Week 4: April 28-29

Week 5: May 5-6

Week 6: May 12-13

Week 7: May 19-20

Week 8: May 26-27

Week 9: June 2-3

Week 10: June 9-10

Week 11: June 16-17

Check here for participating outlets.

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