Motherhood is a continuous learning process and an evolution of sorts when you think about it. As  mothers we try our very best to make our home comfortable and loving so our children will be happy and fulfilled. At least that’s what I try to do but no one’s perfect. For example, I was unfortunately not gifted with the wonderful talent of cooking. Aren’t you amazed at how there are people that can whip up a dish so effortlessly? Or how some keep their homes spic and span with DIY home hacks and you wonder how do they do it?! Well, I was able to learn a thing or two at the Homewise Mommies event held at Shopwise Cubao.

With speaker Rochelle Rivera of on DIY Home Hacks

Chef Golda Liamzon shared her homewise skills in the kitchen by showing us how to prepare Fresh Fruit Tres Leches Cake and Pizza Lasagna Rolls. Watching the demos these recipes are both easy enough to recreate.

Lifestyle blogger Rochelle Rivera shared her DIY home hacks using everyday household items. I particularly like the cleaning of the chopping board with lemon and salt. Anything with lemon actually attracts me and the procedure is simple enough to maintain.

Here are some highlights from the Homewise Mommies event at Shopwise Cubao. Aside from the talks there were games as well. Lots of lucky mommies brought home useful home items that can also be bought at the grocery.

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