A home is a place of comfort and peace where one goes to after a busy day. Making your home an ideal place not only for you, but for your family, friends, and relatives involves maintaining it with the proper hygiene as well as enhancing its’ beauty. Part of the interior décor for enhancing your home is the use of custom made stickers.

With the modernization in home decoration, many people are embracing the use of custom made stickers in their homes. Custom-made stickers are either printed or illustrated to add a unique appearance to your home, on items like home appliances, furniture, cell phones, laptops, and make a statement. At Stickeroo you can design and print your own stickers. Let’s take a look at 6 ways that stickers can enhance your home.

Add color to your home

The color palette of a home or room needs to compliment other pieces of furniture and accessories within the room. Custom made stickers come in different colors and color combination providing a cool ambiance when used correctly.

Placed on furniture

Stickers can be placed on pieces of furniture like cabinets, shelves, doors or windows so as to improve their appearance. Stickers with messages printed on them can also be placed in kids’ rooms to pass on a message, add a playful touch to the room and make the kids feel more comfortable. Apart from making a statement, they make the room look beautiful, especially stickers with beautiful images and bright colors.

Cover a big or empty wall

Custom made stickers are a great way to bring life into a room, especially those whose walls have only been painted with a single color or are too wide and look empty. Stickers arranged in a continuous pattern display a splendid work of art and are at times mistaken for wallpaper due to the alluring appearance.

Cover small spaces

Stickers can be placed on small areas such as headboards or laptop surfaces giving them a better visual appearance. When used correctly, stickers have a great effect on the surrounding area. Different phrases and quotes illustrated on stickers convey different messages, some funny while others make a statement allowing you to express yourself freely.

Small custom made stickers are easy to apply and remove making them perfect for home appliances and items.

Design a gallery wall

With the right choice of colors, patterns, and arrangement, you can turn your home into an aura of beauty and luxury. Come up with an eclectic gallery wall using a pattern that accentuates the interior of your home. Gallery walls can be placed on empty walls or surrounding the television. Find a focal point in your home where you will apply the stickers to make the room visually inspiring.

Decorate outdoor spaces

Most custom-made stickers are normally applied indoors and on appliances or small items, but you can make an exception. Stickers can also be placed outdoors where there is no direct sunlight or exposure to rain.

Custom-made stickers can be used instead of paints. They are cheaper and save you the cost of damaging your walls with nails and hooks which will need to be repaired which might be costly.

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