The anticipated day is right around the corner—that’s right, it’s almost your anniversary!

When you think about your special someone, maybe you get a warm, goofy, smile on your face. You picture the two of you on your anniversary, celebrating the time you’ve spent together and the times to come of enjoying each other’s company.

But then, you think about the gift you want to get them for your anniversary and your mind draws a blank. Sometimes, getting anniversary gifts for someone, especially a partner, can seem impossible as you struggle to think of good ideas.

Here are 6 great ideas that you, or anyone else you know, can get for their other half.

1. Map of Places Traveled Together

One of the best things about a relationship is going on adventures with your significant other. And on those adventures, exploring all the different places that the two of you go to together. One fun and creative way to remember the fun places that you and your partner have travelled to is to create a personalized map as a gift. It can be a blank map of the world, the country, or maybe both. Whenever you and your partner travel somewhere new on the map, you can color it in and even write something about your favorite memory there.

2. Couple Hoodies

Nothing says ͞cute couple͟ better than matching clothing. You can be in style and in comfort when you get you and your partner the gift of matching couple hoodies. The great thing about this gift is all the different options you can explore with it. There are many websites and companies that offer a variety of quality pre-made designs that you can order in your desired sizes. In addition, there are also companies that let you make the design yourself, which you could even use to incorporate personal pictures and captions.

3. Portable Photo Printer for Smartphones

In today’s world of technological marvels, they’ve actually invented small-scale printers that you can hook up to your smartphone, select photos from your phone’s camera album, and print directly from your phone using the printer. Regardless of anniversaries and significant others, this is an exciting and useful piece of technology to have. But it makes such a great anniversary gift because you can print out special photos and memories of you and your partner that you have collected on your phone.

4. Personalized Drink Containers

One increasingly popular anniversary gift among couples is personalized drink containers such as glasses, barrels, or flasks. Maybe you met the love of your life at a whiskey distillery and you want to incorporate that love of whiskey into a gift somehow. You can get small wooden whiskey barrels delightfully engraved with a personalized message. Or maybe you and your special someone love to snuggle up over a bottle of wine. Personalized wine glasses are another great choice. Many people also purchase a personalized flask for their partner.

5. Plants

Giving a plant as an anniversary gift is a simple gesture, but it says a lot more than you might think. Not only is caring for a plant easy and oftentimes relaxing, the plant can brighten up your partner’s space or your shared space. And although it might not seem so complex upon first
thought, a plant as a gift can act as a symbol of shared love. Like the plant, you have a healthy love that you intend to grow and nurture.

6. Journals

Journals are an easy and simple gift to give for an anniversary. Many people create anniversary journals, kind of like a scrapbook, in which they collect wedding photos or maybe special selections of pictures that they illustrate for each year they have been together. Then, many couples also write in these anniversary journals regularly. Writing in these kinds of journals help a couple reflect on their relationship and memories together.

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