It takes a lot of determination and willpower to start a fitness journey and to continue on with it. If you really want it though you’ll get up and get to it every day that you can. You make the time and get through the work out. Afterwards though you will feel great and have a renewed energy. When you start seeing results, you’ll be so thrilled that you’ll start looking forward to your grueling workouts adding on to them and challenging yourself even more.

There are a few things I do to make myself ready for a workout. These are things that give me that extra energy and inspiration to get up off my a** and finish a workout.

Start with a positive attitude.

There are days that I feel down and in particular I feel bloated or unattractive. I take a second to remind myself why I’m working out. My main reason was for my health. My weight had become such a problem, from being too heavy to do anything strenuous to starting to feel a bunch of things like aches in my joints, stomach problems and shortness of breath. Looking good is a bonus though and it gives me inspiration to work out even on days when I feel so lazy.

Be prepared.

When I started working out I had my yoga mat and resistance band. As I learned more and more about the different kinds of workouts and the equipment that I could use I started aiming at getting them to complete some of the routines I do. I just recently bought myself a pair of dumbbells and next on my list is booty bands.

When I’m working out I always make sure to have a cup of cold water. I get thirsty especially after some of the more harder sequences.

Choose a time of day for your workouts. 

I usually do my workouts during the mornings when I have the house to myself. My workouts usually last about an hour to an hour and 20 minutes. Morning workouts can be the start of a good and energetic day. When it’s impossible for me to accomplish one early in the day I try and fit it in during early afternoons.

I just make sure to try and not miss one and if I’m really short on time I do at least a half hour. Work out when you feel good to work out and at first you might feel like you never will but slowly you’ll overcome some movements that were difficult to do and after some time you’ll feel stronger and more confident doing the routines.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Ever since I started working out I’ve been checking out the cutest outfits from leggings to tops and shorts. Now, you don’t need these to be able to workout but they do get you in the mood. What’s important is that you wear clothing that hugs your body so you can move better. There are steps that will have you jumping and stretching and loose fitting clothing will get in the way, have you adjusting your shirt or top often or just make you feel uncomfortable.

I make sure that the clothes I wear are fresh and clean smelling of my favorite Downy scent. For my workout clothes I stick to Downy Everyday Essentials keeping myself fresh throughout the work and feeling great afterwards. You will be sweaty and achy but wearing clothing that keeps you comfortable and smelling good is another way for you to have that extra energy and inspiration.

My recommended Downy fabcon is Sunrise Fresh as it’s kept my clothes smelling clean even after an hour’s workout. I would also recommend Downy Sweetheart and Anticbac for alternatives.

I’ve loved hearing how my fitness journey has inspired you to start working out. Join me and check out my recommended workout videos. It only takes one step to start and make today the day you decide to change your lifestyle to achieve a healthier you.

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