Kianna finally went to her prom! It seemed like such a long awaited event and something we had been planning for awhile. Prom season is one of the more expensive extra curricular moments in a school year. When Bastian had his prom I thought I had spent quite alot but it’s only half of what I spent for Kianna! Also, every year it seems the prom fee keeps going up and up! Despite the hit to my wallet and pocket I was very excited for her to experience it. She had already imagined and planned a white Junior prom theme so we went in search for the things she’d need.

The Gown

Kianna had been searching for pictures of gown styles though she had her heart set on a sweetheart styled gown. She sent me pictures of gowns from Gown for Rent on Instagram and I loved what I saw. They have beautiful designs and the best part is that their gowns are all corseted so it lessened the worry of finding a gown that would fit. We would just have to make adjustments to the fit. Gown for Rent wasn’t too hard to find. It’s pinned already in Uber and Grab just take the elevator or stairs to the third floor to get there.

We had a good fitting experience and Judy, our assistant for the fitting was very accommodating. Since Kianna had her heart set on white gowns she only had 2 in particular that she wanted to try. When she did try on the gown I had been wanting for her I knew right away it was the one. Though, remember don’t limit the experience. Let your daughter try on as many gowns as she’d like so she will be 100% happy with the gown she finally chooses. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the fitting room though so Kianna went back and forth trying the gowns more than once. When she did make her decision I could see she was very happy about it.

Her chosen gown cost Php2000 with a Php3000 deposit. A bit heavy, yes but you do get the Php3000 back although you are required to have the gown laundered and cleaned before returning. I opted to have it done by them so I would have less to worry about. They only charged me Php500 for it. I’m sure it would have cost much more at cleaning and laundry shops.

It was a fairy tale dress come true. This Gown for Rent dress is a Lucie B with a corset and petticoat. When Kianna picked it up it was freshly laundered and smelled great. She picked it up 2 days before the prom and I returned it 2 days after.

Finding the Perfect HMU

Another thing we had to search for was hair and make up. When Kianna had her 6th grade graduation I opted for a nearby hair and make up (HMU) artist. I was very disappointed in the result. Being about 13 at the time I had thought she would have been given a young and fresh look. Instead she had a very adult and dark look.

This time I carefully chose her HMU. I had posted on Facebook for recommendations from friends and I got quite a lot. I emailed them to Kianna so she could see which one she’d like. We both agreed on The Beauty Avenue by Mhaan who just so happened to be a blogger friend. I had been hearing and seeing good things about her services. She was very accommodating especially with the tons of questions I had since I was not at all that familiar with professional make up. Kianna’s hair was done by Jhen, one of Mhaan’s partners.

My main concern was the longevity of the make up since we would have to be at the hotel by 5pm and the night would end at 12am. Mhaan assured me that the make up was HD quality and would last all night. Sure enough it did and it stayed just the way it had been applied even her lipstick. I wasn’t concerned with the look because I had seen samples of her work already and they all looked great so I felt comfortable that she would find the right tone for Kianna.  It was done at home and Kianna’s friend also had her HMU done as well.

Here’s the final result. Kianna was happiest about her right eyebrow fix. She has an upsweep on that brow and Mhaan fixed it in no time. The look was the right blend of adult, fun and natural. I really loved the look on her and I’m hoping that I get to have a chance to have my make up done by her as well someday!


Kianna wears glasses and so she asked if she could get temporary contacts for the prom. I was hesitant at first imagining the prices to be another expensive foray but I was surprised to learn that it was quite affordable. We went to Executive Optical where they checked her vision and we were done in less than 30 minutes. She was taught how to put in the contacts and clean them. There were some specific instructions to follow such as using it for only 30 minutes to an hour the first day then 4 hours the next day then 8 hours the following day, etc. The temporary contacts are actually good for one month.

The Shoes

I wasn’t able to document our search for shoes and honestly since I had already spent on the prom fee and the gown I asked her to keep it simple with the shoes. We went to Robinsons Novaliches to find a pair of sturdy yet affordable heels since she really wanted to wear stiletto type shoes. She found the prefect pair and I was amazed at how adept she was at walking in them. At one point I even saw her run across the hall at the hotel. She got a nice pair of white heels for Php750.

Some pics from her special prom night:

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