It’s very important that you keep your water heater safe and well maintained so that it can give you the best service over a long period of time. The fact that the heater operates at quite a high temperature means that it needs a lot of maintenance and should be checked and repaired any time this is needed. With a well-maintained water heater, you can be assured of saving money on its repairs and replacements and also ensure that it serves you conveniently. You can visit the home fix planet website to get more information on how to maintain and repair your water heater.

Here are 5 tips that can help you to maintain your water heater:

1. Lowering the temperature setting

Your water heater could overheat due to the default setting that is set at more than 130 degrees fahrenheit. This is not the best temperature that should be set for the water heater as it is likely to overheat. Most plumbers recommend temperature settings of 115 to 120 degrees. Other than saving you up to 5% on your energy bills, this temperature will not cause your water heater to overheat, hence making it last longer.

2. Temperature and pressure relief valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve should be checked regularly to ensure that it works fine.  This is a safety valve on your water heater that ensures that the heater does not blow up in the event the temperature exceeds the set maximums. You can lift the T&P lever part way and listen to some gurgling noise when some water from the valve is sent to the drain. If this does not happen, you could call a technician to come and sort out the problem.

3. Flush your water heater regularly

It is advisable that you should perform a water flush on your heater so that the sediments that are formed in the water heater tank can be expelled. These are known to decrease the efficiency of the water heater, meaning that it could be consuming more power in the process. Depending on the acidity and the hardness of your water, you may have to do this flushing a number of times in a year.

4. Get your water heater inspection done annually

Your water heater needs to be checked regularly for better maintenance. Just like a car, it has to be checked and the right maintenance done on it so that it can function properly and regularly. There are professional plumbers who know what should be done when a water heater is being checked and maintained. They can replace parts and do other things that can keep the heater working perfectly and conveniently.

5. Note the date the heater is installed

It is important to note the date of installation of the heater as this helps you to plan ahead for a replacement when the time comes. When this happens, you should make plans to replace the heater for better performance. Most of water heaters can last up to 13 years. You should also check the recommendations of the manufacturers on how the heater should be maintained and handled. This can lengthen the time the heater will serve you.

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